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Friday, 26 April 2024 - Reported by Marcus
ICE HOT (Credit: Obverse Books)

A new anthology of short stories set in Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers has been announced by Obverse books

In 1987, Andrew Cartmel took over as Script Editor of Doctor Who, and immediately began to plan how to revitalise a TV series which some in the higher echelons of the BBC thought of as moribund and ripe for a final cancellation.

With one script already commissioned before he replaced Eric Saward in the role, the very first televised adventure in Cartmel’s now legendary Masterplan was Paradise Towers, written by newcomer Stephen Wyatt.

At various times, Paradise Towers has been described at the story which introduced camp into the show, the source of swimming pool phobia, and the first step back from the brink for the series in terms of quality story telling. 

Sadly, it wasn’t able to prevent the 1989 cancellation, but since then it’s returned in comic book format, has been critically analysed at book length, and is now the setting for a second anthology from Obverse Books.

Fully licensed from, and with a new story by, Paradise Towers creator, Stephen Wyatt, ICE HOT is edited by Kara Dennison (Crunchyroll, Iris Wildthyme) and features new Who fiction from Mags L Halliday (History 101, Faction Paradox: Warring States), Finn Clark (Times Mosaic), Paul Driscoll (Seasons of War: Gallifrey), Tim Gambrell (UNIT, Lethbridge-Stewart) and many others.

Available for pre-order now. Publication date: 20 May 2024



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