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Monday, 16 November 2015 - Reported by Marcus
Sleep No More: Publicity Image (Credit: BBC/Simon Ridgway)
Doctor Who: Sleep No More had an Audience Appreciation or AI score of 78.

The score is the lowest the series has received since the 2006 story Love & Monsters which scored 76. It is only the second time the series AI has dropped below 80 since the introduction of the current AI system in 2005. Both Rose and The End of the World scored 76, but this was under the previous measurement system.

The low score is likely to be a result of the unusual nature of the story, filmed as a series of hidden camera recordings, and very different to the usual style of a Doctor Who episode.

The Appreciation Index or AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme. The score, out of a hundred, is compiled by a specially selected panel of around 5,000 people who go online and rate and comment on programmes.

The highest score for Saturday, on the five main channels, was for the BBC Two Newsnight Special, reporting on the terror attacks in Paris which scored 87

With Sunday's overnight viewing figures now available, Doctor Who finished as the 48th most watched programme of the week. Consolidated figures will be published next week.

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