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Wednesday, 2 May 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is published on Thursday, and Steven Moffat talks in depth about his version of Doctor Who in an exclusive eight-page interview.

Talking about Episode One of the new series, he said:
We’re going to have the most Daleks we’ve had on screen ever – but they will be from every era, quite deliberately. We’re calling them in from everywhere! All of them! Even the Special Weapons Dalek. They'll all be there...

Also this issue:
  • Conquer and Destroy! The Daleks are the most feared race of creatures in the entire universe and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of total intergalactic domination. And they've concocted more than a few audacious schemes to achieve this aim – not all of which, it has to be said, have been entirely successful. Jonathan Morris unearths the Daleks' own assessment of their successes and failures.
  • I Am Not The Moff You Are Looking For! Doctor Who's commander-in-chief, Steven Moffat, writes exclusively for DWM in Production Notes! Find out what the Moff thinks of his nickname, how he's getting along (or not) with the script for the Christmas Special and what he had for lunch in New York!
  • Farewell to Philip: Philip Madoc, who played four notable roles in Doctor Who in the 60s and 70s – including the War Lord in The War Games and Doctor Mehendri Solon in The Brain of Morbius – passed away in March of this year, at the age of 77. Marcus Hearn takes a look back at the actor's distinguished career and at his contribution to Doctor Who.
  • End Of An Era: Countdown to 50 continues its season-by-season analysis of Doctor Who, and the mood is sombre as we reach 1980/81 with Series 18 and bid farewell to Romana, K9 and, of course, Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor as he takes his fateful fall from the Pharos Project radio telescope.
  • Lost in Translation: Shopping can be dangerous to your health as Amy and Rory have found out when the Monos menace strikes London. Meanwhile, as the capital's inhabitants succumb to Monos mania, the Doctor and his new friend Bill discover the source of the trouble. Monos! Monos! Monos! It's the second instalment of Sticks & Stones, written by Scott Gray with art by Martin Geraghty.
  • Chemical Reaction! The Third Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT become involved in a green movement – in more ways than one – in a Welsh mining village. Giant maggots, toxic chemical waste, an insane super computer, a rather tasty fungus, and angry Welshmen – 1973's The Green Death takes its turn under the microscope in The Fact Of Fiction.
  • All By Myself? Johnny Candon and Toby Hadoke cross swords once again in their latest Battle Of Wits! This issue, the hot topic for debate has been inspired by the imminent departure of companions Amy and Rory: should the Doctor travel with a regular companion or is he better off alone?
  • A Silver Side-Step: The Time Team has been upgraded to four pages this month as Chris, Emma, Will and Michael sit down to watch the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey's battle with the Cybermen on a parallel Earth in the two-part story Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
  • Out Of Stock: A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects reaches number 18 and finds The Watcher mourning the last use of film for a live action sequence in Doctor Who in The Serving Hatch of Rassilon. Plus the latest Top Ten Pop Acts, the challenge of The Six Faces of Delusion, the oh-so painful Stockbridge English Dictionary, the hapless Supporting Artist of the Month – all crammed onto one fabulous single page, it's Wotcha!
PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword, and more.

In celebration of the Daleks' return, this issue has a larger, folded cover featuring all of the Doctor's infamous enemies:

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