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Thursday, 9 February 2012 - Reported by Chuck Foster
The new Doctor Who Magazine (out today) delves into the history of Doctor Who's wiped episodes, how their film copies were made and sold around the world during the 1960s and 1970s, and how some might still exist somewhere today? What are their chances of survival ... the answers might surprise you ...

Also in this issue:
  • Old Friends, New Faces - As work begins on the new series of Doctor Who, showrunner Steven Moffat takes DWM readers into his confidence, and looks ahead to the final fate of Amy and Rory – and just what might happen next...
  • Sha-Daaaa! - At last, more than 30 years since the TV production was abandoned, Shada has been completed – thanks to BBC Books! DWM talks to author Gareth Roberts about the challenges of writing a novel based on Douglas Adams' lost 'Fourth Doctor' story.
  • Rutans, Sontarans and Giant Prawns - DWM goes back to the 1977 and celebrates the season which introduced K9 and attempted some of the most ambitious stories in Doctor Who's history, as Countdown to 50! continues.
  • An Olympian Task! - The Doctor and his new Greek philosopher chum Socrates meet the Gods of Olympus, while Amy and Rory face danger in ancient Athens! Don't miss the latest thrilling instalment of the brand new comic strip, The Chains of Olympus by Scott Gray, with art by Mike Collins.
  • Fire and Ice - Go on an ANT hunt, explore the Ice Caves and feel the Dragon's fire! With fascinating new facts and photos, The Fact of Fiction guides you through the 1987 Seventh Doctor story that introduced Ace – Dragonfire!
  • It Must Be Love - If the love of your life is a Doctor Who fan, should you share their enthusiasm or leave them to it? Katherine Hadoke (wife of Toby) and Gigi Candon (wife of Johnny) discuss the pros and cons as the regular DWM debaters defer to their better halves in A Battle of Wives!
  • An Alien Werewolf in Scotland - The Tenth Doctor and Rose team up with Queen Victoria to battle a savage werewolf in Scotland, 1879! With their mistletoe at the ready, what will The Time Team of Emma, Chris, Will and Michael make of Tooth and Claw?
  • Essential Reading - The mysterious Watcher remembers a landmark in Doctor Who publishing, champions another Supporting Artist of the Month and challenges readers with his Six Faces of Delusion. Don't miss the latest Wotcha!
PLUS! All the latest official news, reviews of TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword – and much, much more!