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Friday, 16 December 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Yesterday saw Bonham's Entertainment Memorabilia auction take place, in which a range of costumes from 21st Century Doctor Who were available to bid upon, originating from Angels The Costumiers, plus the preliminary artwork for the 1964 The Dalek Book and a spaceship prop from Battlefield.

The Battlefield spaceship (#154a) reached its estimate of £5000, but the surprise sale of the auction turned out to be the Clockwork Droid costume (#162), estimated at £400 but also going for £5000!

Unsurprisingly the Doctor's costumes all performed well at the auction, well in excess of their estimates: John Smith's teacher costume (#173/£1500/£2125); John Smith's suit (#174/£600/£938); John Smith's pyjamas (#175/£600/£1125); John Smith's coat/hat/scarf (#176/£400/£1250); and the Doctor's wedding outfit from The Big Bang (#191/£1800/£2625).

Other items that far exceeded their original estimates include: The Dalek Book artwork (#154/£700/£1500), William Shakespeare's costume (#166/£500/£1625), Martha's maid costume (#167/£400/£1000), Rosita's costume (#184/£350/£1375), Van Gogh's costume (#188/£450/£1250), and Dorium's costume (#185/£350/£1375).

The final prices of the items are listed below, which is inclusive of the Buyer's premium.

LotDescriptionEstimate (£)Final Price
154Preliminary artwork for The Dalek Book (1964)500-7001500
154aSpaceship model from Battlefield4500-50005000
155Doctor Constantine costume from The Empty Child400-500813
156Adherent of the Repeated Meme costume from The End of the World250-300750
157Partial Sycorax costume from The Christmas Invasion350-400563
158Sisters of Plenitude tunic from New Earth200-300875
159Maid's costume from Tooth and Claw100-150400
160The Host cloak from Tooth and Claw150-200475
161Guardian monk's robes from Tooth and Claw200-300438
162Clockwork Droid costume from The Girl in the Fireplace300-4005000
163Two Roboform costumes (one pos worn by Tennant) from The Runaway Bride400-500437
164A Slab guard costume from Smith and Jones300-400225
165Lilith's nightdress and slippers from The Shakespeare Code150-250325
166William Shakespeare's costume from The Shakespeare Code400-5001625
167Frank's costume from Daleks in Manhattan500-600400
168Tallulah's costume from Daleks in Manhattan150-200688
169Laszlo's human and pig slave costumes from Daleks in Manhattan300-400475
170Two Pig Slave costumes from Daleks in Manhattan250-300500
171Mr. Diagoras's costume from Daleks in Manhattan200-300438
172Solomon's costume from Daleks in Manhattan250-300250
173John Smith's Teacher costume from Human Nature1000-15002125
174John Smith's suit from Human Nature500-600938
175John Smith's pyjamas from Human Nature400-6001125
176John Smith's overcoat/hat/scarf from Human Nature300-4001250
177Martha's maid costume from Human Nature300-4001000
178Baines's costume from Human Nature200-300625
179Lucy/Jenny/Rocastle costumes from Human Nature300-4001063
180Futurekind Chieftain costume from Utopia400-500600
181Lucius Petrus Dextrus's costume from The Fire of Pompeii300-400375
182Quintus and Lucius costumes from The Fires of Pompeii400-500688
183UNIT Trooper part costume from The Sontaran Strategum200-300563
184Rosita's costume from The Next Doctor250-3501375
185Four Smilers costumes from The Beast Below400-5001500
186Four Winders part costumes from The Beast Below250-350813
187Guido's costume from The Vampires of Venice600-700unsold
188Vincent Van Gogh's costume from Vincent and the Doctor350-4501250
189Dorium Maldovar's costume from The Pandorica Opens250-3501375
190Rory's Wedding outfit from The Big Bang400-600688
191The Doctor's Wedding Guest outfit from The Big Bang1200-18002625