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Wednesday, 7 December 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
Arthur Darvill has lent his musical talent to a new play being developed at the Peterborough Key Theatre; reviewing I Heart Peterborough, Mark Pearson said: "The script is backed by music from guitarist Arthur Darvill who loops comforting sounds while strumming a backing line. It has Vampire Weekend’s African feel to it at times." [Peterborough Today, 2 Dec 2011]

6'7" actor Spencer Wilding makes his second appearance in Doctor Who this coming Christmas, having previously played the Minotaur in The God Complex. "It's great working with the likes of Matt Smith - he's such a cool Doctor Who. And it's such a great production." [Rhyl Journal, 7 Dec 2011]

TV critic, writer and fan Charlie Brooker discusses if he would write for Doctor Who: "Well if Doctor Who approached you, that's something you'd have to consider, isn't it? That's like getting an invitation to a particular party. That's an interesting one, in that part of the appeal of Doctor Who is that it's so different each week - even though you know you're going to get the Doctor and, broadly speaking, you know he's going to face a foe. But there's a lot of ideas that go on in it and the scenario changes, so there's a lot of room for creating things within it." [Digital Spy, 2 Dec 2011]

In one of those fact-meets-fiction moments, the BBC have announced that news correspondent Huw Edwards will front the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, a role he undertook in the Tenth Doctor Olympic story Fear Her back in 2006! No news on David Tennant lighting the Flame at the Games so far ... [BBC Media Centre, 2 Dec 2011]

Russell T Davies has suspended work on his current television projects in order to look after his partner, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. "It was a simple decision: he's more important. Showtime was lovely. They were like: your boyfriend needs to get well. The BBC was the same. I don’t know when I’ll start work again. I’ve got see how Andrew’s health goes." [Pink News, 5 Dec 2011]

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