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Thursday, 2 June 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster

Early character study from REIGN OF TERROR based on available promotional still (2|Entertain, via yfrog)

2|Entertain have announced that the missing episodes four and five of the William Hartnell adventure The Reign of Terror are to be animated as part of the forthcoming DVD, which the company previously reported would provisionally be released late 2012.

The animators for the project have been named as Big Finish - long-term Doctor Who audio producers, and whose Real Time and Shada adventures were animated for the BBC Doctor Who website - and animation company Theta Sigma, whose Thetamation is described as "a totally new style of animation, a hybrid of the classic anime styles of the 80s and high-technology".

The release of this story's surviving episodes on DVD leaves only those of the incomplete The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors still to be scheduled. Prior to this, The Invasion received a similar treatment in 2006 when its missing episodes one and four were re-created by award-winning animators Cosgrove Hall.

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