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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 - Reported by Chuck Foster
After the excitement of the previous fortnight, last week was a relatively quiet week for the Torchwood cast and crew.

Eve Myles rejoined the team in Los Angeles, with John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer, Dichen Lachman, and Bill Pullman all involved with filming during the course of the week.

Filming was away in private throughout this week, with Monday kicking off at the Orlando International Airport. No other exterior locations were reported last week, with other work taking place back at the Warner Brothers Studios lot. As usual, followers were able to pick up little pieces of gossip from cast and crew via Twitter.

Times cited within the reports are in Los Angeles local time.


Monday saw the Torchwood team at another airport, this time the Ontario International Airport in Los Angeles (filming took place at Cardiff International Airport three weeks previously). Mekhi Phifer and Dichen Lachman were reported to be on location. Meanwhile, Jane Espenson clarified some differences between the UK and US film schedules.

07:25 AS  Had to be at work at 4:12am in Ontario. I have my Valentine, 
Dichen Lachman, with me tho so that makes things a little better.
08:33 MC Had 5 am call at Ontario airport. Run slight risk of $11,000 fines
and it's cold as hell. This business is great!
11:52 BBC Big day at the Airport location today. We're Also beginning prep for
a 2nd Unit tomorrow = DOUBLE the #Torchwood fun. Happy Valentine's day
13:24 JE I think they shoot on Saturdays in the UK,
but have shorter working days. We def. have Sat/Sun off. Yay weekends!
19:00 ST Past the 2000 mark for followers. Welcome all - hope to keep u entertained
with stories of costume life on the set of torchwood :-) Peace
06:12 MP Could use a few more hours of sleep.
On the phone for 2hrs with moms last night...
If I just had half her strength!


Eve Myles returned to production in the US, which sounded to be another 'bloody' affair according to Mekhi Phifer. Scenes today were back on the Warner Bros lot. As previously reported, whilst exteriors may have been filmed in Wales, the respective interiors have been shot back in the States, something Jane Espenson reports as meeting the Welsh cast's approval!

10:55 ST  Beautiful Eve back with us today. Even slimmer after all the action
and -10 weather. Glad to have her back on set.
13:20 BBC Going to have an exciting reunion with wonderfully effervescent Eve Myles
this afternoon. Lets see what she's up to...
15:54 MP Shooting Torchwood and I'm all bloodied up right now!
Rain machines, green screen, u name it, we got it!! Dope ass show!
16:25 JE The Welsh people haven't objected to the interiors,
so I think they must be good!
16:38 JE The current thiller / arc / connected-story feel of TW is working
really well and is best done in shorter runs.
18:24 BBC "I'm terrified of Twitter because computers hate me, but
(Cowgirl Voice) Howdy Partners I'm having a blast on set today" - Eve Myles


Shawna Trpic, via Twitpic

 Got to visit this set today thanks to Shawna (Kim Evey)
BBC Torchwood, via Yfrog

 Got to visit this set today thanks to Shawna (Kim Evey)
Kim Evey, via ImgMu
After a few days absence, a welcome return to "TW-Spy!" today as we get to see the inside of the costume truck (Captain Jack, Simpsons-style!), Russell T Davies with a (very!) large cheese, and a set visit by actress/producer Kim Evey.

Kai Owen also revealed that he'll be heading back to L.A. next week, which indicates that the return to the UK for filming wasn't to happen after all.

07:43 ST  One of the walls in the costume truck :-)
that's our set crew!
10:07 MC Barrowman is a tighty whitey man.
11:50 KO Nate: Hey mate! What's happening?
Just having a glass of red and thinking of you!!
Nice to be home? I'm back with you next Wednesday.
Looking forward to have a burger with you!! Kai x
12:46 DL Mekhi Phifer has just been showing me his website
called 'thirdreel' on the torchwood set.
Check it out.
14:47 BBC Russell stands proud with the mystery cheese sent
to us from the UK. Who's the culprit???
15:42 KE Got to visit this set today thanks to Shawna
15:51 Sarann: Are you doing exciting costume
related things on the Torchwood set today?

ST Always :-)
19:04 MC Eve Miles is about the nicest person I've met in awhile -
charming, friendly, energetic. Super cool.
20:25 DE Just back from the Torchwood set, where I forced
John Barrowman and Eve Myles to look at pictures
of my dogs.


Michael Colbert revealed more plane antics for the cast and crew, though this is was on a set rather than a inside a real plane. He also noted that a number of the production crew were unaware that they were working on a series with quite a legacy!

Michael Colbert, via Twitpic
09:31 ST  Eve Myles told Kim Evey that she is the voice of one of
the characters on the DragonAge II game. Small world
10:54 MC 10 am call spending the whole day in
an airplane set on 27
11:01 ST Forgot to wear my hearing aid today
Driving my crew crazy. Huh?
11:36 AS I'm on a plane!
14:32 MC Strangely enough a large portion of the crew have
no idea that this is season 4.
16:49 NG Kai: can't wait to see ya. Give the baba a kiss fer me.
23:11 MC I have met Barrowman he's a really sweet and
hella funny guy. Big Captain America fan
(if you didn't know)
23:25 MC Wrap!
00:16 DL LOVE Torchwood peeps. Having so much fun.


BBC Torchwood, via ImgMu
Another day on set, and more mysterious items that may or may not be what they seem! With conventions and holidays on the way nobody wanted another late night Friday, though Bill Pullman continued to keep everybody entertained as production completed for another week.

13:42 BBC It seems the line between salad dressing and
chocolate custard is little hazy today.
You only live once!
22:47 ST The rain makes me tired well that, prepping 3 episodes
while shooting two, cleaning house, feeding the kids..
Time for a meeting & chocolate
17:30 AS Is it really Friday?
18:44 ST Alana: should not be a fraterday I hope :-)
22:19 BBC We're coming to set, Shawna, Alana,
its dark and lonely over here.
22:25 AS BBC_Torchwood: yay!!! Can't wait for your visit!
Bill is being awesome as usual.

Speaking of Bill Pullman, his fan site published a photo of him with John Barrowman in their Jack/Oswald mode!


Friday brought an end to filming for the week, and an extended weekend was due with a holiday on Monday for Presidents Day, not to mention Jane Espenson and Doris Egan attending the GallifreyOne convention over the weekend too!

However, it wasn't a complete halt to proceedings:

01:20 BBC We're location scouting in a couple of hours!
That's right we work Saturday's in the US too!
(But let's be honest not a full days work)

Director of Photography Nate Goodman also commented on Torchwood so far ...

19:26 NG  One week back from Wales. Saw some of Ep 1 cut together. Epic.
Not your mother's Torchwood...

Key to initials: AS - Alana Stone (fashion designer); BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); DE - Doris Egan (writer); DL - Dichen Lachman; JE - Jane Espenson (writer); KE - Kim Evey (visitor); MC - Michael Colbert (electrician); MP - Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson); NG - Nate Goodman (director of photography); ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer)

With a short break for Presidents Day, production resumes Tuesday, though with Kai Owen confirming that he is flying out to Los Angeles on Wednesday it seems that the anticipated return to the Welsh shores for filming is not to be this week, after all!

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