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Welcome to Doctor Who News, the unofficial repository of news about Doctor Who and its spin-off series. We provide information on news, products and events; we also have several sub-sites that provide details on media interest in the series (e.g. in the press), where the show is broadcasting around the world, plus reviews and competitions.

For technical issues please email support@doctorwhonews.net

This site is the successor to the original Gallifrey One news site, and includes archived news articles from there dating back to 2003. It is a legacy we also share with the GallifreyBase Discussion Forum, though the two sites operate independently of one other.

In April 2011 the site won the award for "Best Sci-Fi News Blog" at the SFX Blog Awards 2011.

Joining Us

The Doctor Who News Page is looking for reliable volunteers to join our award winning news team. If you would like to contribute, please send an example of your work in the form of a Doctor Who story that we have missed. Please send applications to applications@newsintimeandspace.com with the subject name 'New Staff' and include a short description of yourself.


The Doctor Who News Page is the most popular independent Doctor Who news site on the internet.

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The Doctor Who News Team

The following people make up the news team:

Jeremy Bement, John Bowman, Dean Braithwaite, Jarrod Cooper, Mike Doran, Chuck Foster, Marcus Hilton, Adam Kirk, Melad Moshiri, Josiah Rowe, Pascal Salzmann, Paul Scoones, R Alan Siler, Harry Ward, Anthony Weight

Contact us at submissions@doctorwhonews.net

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Website Updates

29th January 2011: the site has been rebranded as doctorwhonews.net.

19th November 2010: We've now added a 'tweet' button to the same bar as the Facebook 'recommend' button so that you can quickly use that for posts you'd like to tweet.

27th March 2010: Welcome to the new-look News Page. The original left column has now been removed, providing more space for news articles and the pages we now provide separately in the menu bar at the top. The Events and Releases pages have also now been revamped to provide more information on their relevant topics, and you can now also select the new and updated items directly.

20th March 2010: We've now added our sister sites to the menu bar to enable you to quickly reach them from the main news page.

15th March 2010: As well as the main news site, we also have a presence on both Twitter and Facebook. Follow the links on the sidebar to find us.

1st March 2010: You can now share our articles with a much wider range of social networking sites! Simply use the new "Share" button that appears with each post.

18th February 2010: A few changes have been made to the news page today, most notably is the new menu bar that you've clicked on! Our aim is to try and make the main news page less cluttered, and as part of that we're moving the Products and Events information into their own tabs - this will also allow us to publish more information about those items as there is more space on the new pages to do so.

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