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8/22/2014 07:26:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, with Jenna Coleman as Clara (Credit: BBC/Adrian Rogers)The new online behind-the-scenes programme Doctor Who Extra will also be available on British television via the BBC's Red Button service at the following times over the course of next week:


Doctor Who Extra will be available online via the BBC iPlayer.

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8/22/2014 03:54:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Shadow Proclamation, a convention planned for this weekend in Middlesbrough has been cancelled.

A statement was made on the event's facebook page by the organiser Graeme Parry
I am posting this up today as the quickest way of contacting everybody at the same time to let you all know of the sad news that we are having to cancel the event completely due to a range of issues.

All guests will be contacted individually but if you want to pass things on that would be appreciated. Any individual who has paid to attend the event will be refunded shortly.

Thanks for all your help and understanding. I am extremely sorry we have had to do this at the last minute, regrettably I felt this was the best and fairest action to take for all concerned. A fuller message will be sent later with a full explanation.
The convention had attracted a number of high profile guests including Colin Baker, Louise Jameson and Nicola Bryant. However earlier in the day a number of guests pulled out citing major contractual problems.

Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant will be attending WhoCon14 at the Ritz Cinema in Lincoln, which is offering half price tickets to Who Con for any Shadow Proclamation ticket holders.

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8/22/2014 03:22:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Clara (Jenna Coleman) (Credit: BBC)Both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have responded to questions over recent media speculation about the latter leaving Doctor Who this year.

Speaking on BBC One's The One Show last night, Capaldi said:
Well I'm not looking for a new assistant. I don't know where these rumours have started. I mean I've read that she might be leaving at Christmas but I don't even know if she'll get to Christmas. You've just got to watch and wait and see what happens!
Meanwhile, Coleman addressed the rumour herself on ITV's This Morning:
The truth is ... I don't want to tell you the truth because I quite like these rumours. I think it's really interesting because, suddenly, people don't know what's going to happen in the series, people don't have any idea, so this speculation is quite good. People can now watch the show not knowing if I am or not, and that is quite exciting.

The rumour first stemmed from a report about Coleman leaving in The Mirror last weekend, leading to inevitable speculation during the course of this week as to who would be in the running replace the actress in the show.

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8/22/2014 03:03:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Reported by Pascal Salzmann and Chuck Foster
In a followup to yesterday's report on the status of Doctor Who in Germany, broadcaster FOX have received an update from BBC Worldwide on how the series will be presented in the country, at least for the present:

We are happy to announce that we found a preliminary solution for the German speaking DOCTOR WHO fans. We guarantee to deliver episodes with German subtitles on time for their weekly repetition Saturday evenings on FOX. We are still working on a timeline for the delivery of German dubbed episodes.
Wir freuen uns eine vorläufige Lösung für deutschsprachige DOCTOR WHO Fans bekanntgeben zu können. Wir garantieren, Episoden mit deutschen Untertiteln rechtzeitig für die Wiederholung am Samstag abends auf FOX zu liefern. Wir arbeiten aktuell noch an einem Zeitplan für die Lieferung der Folgen auf Deutsch.

In previous years, FOX has presented Doctor Who fully dubbed into German; however, the leak of several episodes online last month via a BBC Worldwide server in Miami has led to more stringent controls being put into place over how the series is distributed internationally.

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8/22/2014 02:17:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who may be made in Cardiff, but the new time-lord grew up around Glasgow and the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau has produced a Doctor Who Fan's guide to the city.

From the iconic blue police boxes dotted around Glasgow which inspired the Doctor's time travelling machine, to the Glasgow School of Art where Peter Capaldi studied before he was thrust into the spotlight, to the riverside mural of the giant Dalek which is said to sit at the bottom of the River Clyde … there are dozens of Doctor Who locations to discover in Scotland's biggest city.

Doctor Who buffs can also brush up in preparation for the first episode with some fun facts about the shows links with Glasgow. For example, did you know that Capaldi isn't the only Doctor Who actor to hail from Glasgow - John Barrowman, Adrienne Corri and Andrew Marr were also born in the city, while Carol McIntosh attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Showrunner Steven Moffat was born in Paisley, just outside the city.

Glasgow has also featured in numerous episodes - for example Commander Strax of the Sontaran Empire often travelled to Glasgow in the 1890's to take a holiday; and in the 1967 story The Moonbase we learned that the Doctor is in fact a real Doctor, taking his degree in Glasgow in 1888.

Scott Taylor, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, commented:
As the nation gears up for Doctor Who mania we wanted to create this guide to showcase Glasgow’s long and warm relationship with all things Doctor Who. Whether you're a Doctor Who devotee, a Peter Capaldi fan, or are just interested in seeing a unique side of the city, the Whovian Guide to Glasgow is a fun and interesting way to enjoy some of the city’s finest sights.
The full guide can be downloaded from the council website.

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8/22/2014 12:50:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Doctor and Clara made a surprise appearance in central London this morning when the TARDIS made a crash landing in Parliament Square, near the seat of the British Government.

A specially constructed set greeted commuters and tourists outside the Palace of Westminster, where Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman posed for pictures to promote the worldwide screening of Deep Breath tomorrow.

The square is dominated by the Elizabeth Tower, housing the world famous Big Ben, now repaired following the attack by the Slitheen in 2005.

TARDIS Crash lands (Credit: BBC/Guy Levy) TARDIS Crash lands (Credit: BBC/Guy Levy) TARDIS Crash lands (Credit: BBC/Guy Levy) TARDIS Crash lands (Credit: BBC/Guy Levy) TARDIS Crash lands (Credit: BBC/Guy Levy)

Deep Breath can be seen in the UK on BBC One at 7.50pm Saturday, followed by screenings around the World.

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8/21/2014 11:02:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Peter Capaldi has thanked Doctor Who fans around the world for their support for the series

Speaking in Rio at the end of the World Tour, Capaldi said Doctor Who belongs to the fans and it is thanks to them that the World Tour took place. The actor in now back in London where he appeared on The One Show on BBC One. The actor discussed the upcoming series, and press speculation about cast changes, as well as guessing the price of Doctor Who eBay items and teaching the presenter, Matt Baker, how to pronounce Zarbi.

The edition is available to UK viewers, on the iPlayer for the next six days.

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8/21/2014 05:27:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Reported by Chuck Foster and Pascal Salzmann
FOX in Germany have published a statement from BBC Worldwide over the channel being unable to broadcast a German-dubbed version of Deep Breath this coming Saturday:

Wir bedauern, dass es aufgrund von Änderungen in den Produktions-Timelines von Doctor Who BBC Worldwide nicht möglich war, FOX die notwendigen Episoden rechtzeitig zu liefern, damit eine deutsche Übersetzung zur gleichzeitigen Ausstrahlung mit der englischen Fassung angefertigt werden kann. Wir können jedoch garantieren, dass FOX die deutsche Fassung zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt zeigen wird. Wir hoffen, dass durch eine Ausstrahlung der beiden Sprachversionen so viele Fans wie möglich in den Genuss der achten Staffel von Doctor Who kommen werden. Leider können wir FOX bis heute keine Details über die Materiallieferungen für die Synchronisation der kommenden Episoden geben.
We regret that due to changes in the production timelines it was not possible for BBC Worldwide to deliver the required episodes of Doctor Who to FOX in time for them to translate and transmit the series in German simultaneously with the UK broadcast. We can guarantee that FOX will be showing the German-language version of the series as well. We hope that with FOX showing both language versions that as many fans as possible will be able to enjoy season 8 of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, as of now we can’t give Fox any further details about delivery timelines for the dubbing of the upcoming episodes.

Deep Breath airs on FOX this Saturday at 9:00pm.

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8/21/2014 04:35:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The BBC have released details of the third episode of the upcoming series of Doctor Who Robot Of Sherwood.

The episode will show on BBC One on Saturday 6th September. No transmission time has yet been set.

In a sun-dappled Sherwood forest, the Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars and strikes up an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood.

With all of Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is real and who is fake. Can impossible heroes really exist?

Meanwhile the UK transmission time for Episode Two, Into the Dalek, has now been set at 7.30pm, the heart of the Saturday night schedule. On BBC One it will once more follow Tumble the celebrity gymnastics show. Against the Doctor ITV will offer a celebrity edition of the quiz show The Chase and the brand new series of The X Factor.

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8/21/2014 11:44:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Tiny Rebel Games have announced a huge expansion to the award winning Doctor Who: Legacy Mobile and Facebook game, with a groundbreaking tie-in to the upcoming season of Doctor Who

When the new season of Doctor Who premiers this weekend, fans will find new content released each week which will incorporate new enemies, allies, costumes, and set backgrounds.

The release of Doctor Who: Legacy 2.3: The Hunt For Greyhound One, now available on all platforms, finds the incarnations of the Doctor banding together in their efforts to fight the Master. Joining the Doctors in the latest update is the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), along with the much loved classic ally, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, as well as Rose Tyler, Wilfred Mott, Ace, Idris, the Third Doctor’s trusty car Bessie, and even the Whomobile.

Doctor Who: Legacy recently surpassed one million installs across supported platforms and was recently was named Best Brain and Puzzle Android Game of 2013 by Bestappever.

Lee Cummings, Creative Director at Tiny Rebel Games said
When we launched Doctor Who: Legacy back in November, we couldn’t have imagined the amazingly engaged and supportive fan community that it would inspire. We are so thrilled and honored at the privilege the BBC has allowed us in supporting the upcoming season of the show with the 12th Doctor and his allies on their new adventures. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with our fans!” adds Susan Cummings, Executive Producer of Doctor Who: Legacy.
In coordination with the release of a new level for Doctor Who: Legacy, a special livestream will take place at 12pm Pacific on Sunday August 24th on Twitch. For joining on Twitch, viewers will be the first to receive a new costume for Jenny – the very first costume Doctor Who: Legacy will release for Season 8. Viewers can watch the Twitch livestream at 1900GMT on Sunday, August 24th.

The Hunt For Greyhound One is now available globally as an update to the game on all supported platforms including Amazon Appstore, Google Play, iTunes, and on Facebook.

Bookmark and Share Radio Times - 10th Anniversary Radio Times special

8/21/2014 08:39:00 am - Reported by Marcus

The new digital issue Radio Times, available iOS on Apple’s Newsstand, celebrates the dawn of a new Doctor with exclusive additional Doctor Who content, including a digital reproduction of the Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Radio Times special. The 68 page supplement was first published in 1973 and inspired the then 15 year old future Doctor, Peter Capaldi, to write to Radio Times in praise of the special edition.

The 10th anniversary supplement features the third Doctor Jon Pertwee on the cover and includes episode guides for the first 10 years, a guide to build your own Dalek and a (then) new Dalek story by Terry Nation.

The Radio Times digital special also features a unique animated Doctor Who cover, only available with the digital edition, featuring Peter Capaldi; plus a picture gallery of the new Doctor from an Radio Times exclusive photo-shoot.

Features inside the new issue include an exclusive interview and cover shoot with star Peter Capaldi; showrunner Steven Moffat’s guide to all 12 episodes of the new series; an exclusive interview with José Mourinho by comedian and author David Baddiel; David Walliams; James Corden; plus comprehensive TV and radio listings for 23-29 August.

Radio Times on iPad contains all the features, interviews, reviews and comprehensive TV and radio listings for 146 channels available in the print issue, alongside additional interactive features to enhance the readers’ experience. The additional features in the digital issue include:
  • Specially designed contents page for quick and easy direct access to daily choice and listings pages
  • Direct links to the week’s recommended programmes on-demand and catch-up TV services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and 4OD
  • Photo galleries, including exclusive behind the scenes videos from photo-shoots and interviews
  • Pinch and zoom TV & radio listings for ease of use
  • Comprehensive TV and radio listings, including BBC local radio, with handy links so you can jump to your desired day of the week.
This week’s Radio Times digital issue is available at special summer half-price promotional rate of just 99p. Radio Times is available on the Apple Newsstand every Tuesday, for iPad and iPhone, at £1.99 per issue, £6.99 for a monthly subscription or £79.99 for an annual subscription. The digital issue is initially available on Apple devices and will be rolled out across other mobile and tablet platforms thereafter.

Radio Times - 10th Anniversary Edition

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8/20/2014 06:39:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The BBC has today announced Doctor Who Extra - a brand new series, exclusively on BBC iPlayer.

Doctor Who Extra will follow Peter Capaldi every step of the way throughout the creation of his first season as the Doctor. Over the course of 12 programmes it will trace the highs and lows of Doctor Who’s most ambitious run of episodes yet, getting the inside take on series 8 from the people who made it.

The Doctor Who Extra team had unparalleled access to stars including Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Samuel Anderson (series regular Danny Pink) plus guests Frank Skinner, Keeley Hawes, Michelle Gomez, Ben Miller, Foxes and many more. Writers, such as Lead Writer and Executive Producer Steven Moffat, and directors also contribute as they spill the beans on the on and off-screen drama.

Casual viewers will enjoy the fun, fast pace and lighter side of Doctor Who Extra but there’s plenty for fans, too, with a quick dip into the archive for every edition, reflecting on how Doctor Who’s history is echoed in this current series.

Doctor Who Extra is described as essential viewing for everyone who’s ever watched Doctor Who and wondered what it’s a like to be a part of the team that brings this global phenomena to our screens.

Doctor Who Extra is produced by BBC Cymru Wales and executive produced by Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin and Jo Pearce. Each 10 minute Doctor Who Extra episode will be available after that week’s Doctor Who episode on BBC One. It will also be available via the BBC's Red Button.

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8/20/2014 06:00:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Doctor Who World Tour has made its final stop in the South American city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Doctor Who YouTube have created a spectacular video at Christ the Redeemer using a GoPro Drone cam

Credit: BBC WorldwideCredit: BBC Worldwide

Some stats on the World Tour
  • 7 cities in 7 countries across 7 different timezones and 5 continents in just 12 days (Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro)
  • Over 11000 fans got to see preview of Deep Breath during 7 fan and Q&A shows with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman (and Steven Moffat) in each stop
  • Over 35000 miles travelled in total
  • 6 iconic photo-shoots including Cardiff Castle, South Korea's Bosingak Bell, New York's Top of the Rock, Sydney's Harbour Bridge and Rio's Christ The Redeemer.
  • Met with over 250 international media, including 4 press conferences and photocalls in Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Rio
  • Prominent coverage in some of the world's biggest news outlets including Reforma (Mexico), Veja Magazine (Brazil) and The Sydney Morning Herald
Next stop: Leicester Square on Saturday.

Bookmark and Share Germany: FOX unable to produce German dub of Deep Breath for premiere

8/20/2014 03:25:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Reported by Pascal Salzmann
FOX Deutschland have announced on Facebook that they are not going to air the German dub of Deep Breath on Saturday, but instead will only broadcast the original English language version. According to the channel this decision is due to the BBC's enhanced security after the leaks, which resulted in the material arriving later than usual and making it impossible to finish the German dub on time.

FOX have apologised to viewers, and stated that they will make the German-dubbed episode available through On-Demand services from Sky and Kabel Deutschland as soon as possible.

Here is the full statement by FOX:

Liebe FOX-Fans, unser Ziel ist es, euch deutsche Erstausstrahlungen so zeitnah wie möglich zur Weltpremiere zu präsentieren - in Originalsprache und auf Deutsch. Mit THE WALKING DEAD, THE BRIDGE - AMERICA und DA VINCI‘S DEMONS ist uns das erfolgreich gelungen. Daher waren wir stolz, euch auch DOCTOR WHO Staffel 8 zeitgleich zur UK-Premiere zeigen zu können. Und euer sehr positives Feedback hat uns gezeigt, dass das der richtige Weg ist.

Im Produktionsprozess der Serie ist ein Drehbuch an die Öffentlichkeit gelangt ( http://bit.ly/1tgwjcR ), was zu höheren Sicherheitsmaßnahmen und damit erheblichen Verzögerungen in der Materiallieferung und der Synchronisation geführt hat. Daher können wir nur einen Teil unseres Versprechens einlösen: Ihr werdet DOCTOR WHO Staffel 8 am gleichen Tag wie in UK auf FOX erleben, jedoch in der Originalfassung. Das tut uns sehr leid!  Die deutschen Folgen werden wir euch im VOD-Bereich von Sky und Kabel Deutschland anbieten. Sobald diese verfügbar sind, erfahrt ihr es hier auf Facebook!
Dear FOX-fans, it is our goal to present to you German premieres as near as possible to their world premieres - in the original language and in german. We did this successfully with THE WALKING DEAD, THE BRIDGE - AMERICA and DA VINCI'S DEMONS. That is why we were proud to announce a simulcast broadcast to the UK premiere of Series 8 of DOCTOR WHO. And your very positive feedback showed us that this is the right thing to do.

During producing of the show a script was leaked to the public ( http://bit.ly/1tgwjcR ) which lead to advanced security politics and later arrivals of material and dubbings. This is the reason why we are only able to fulfill one part of our promise: You will be able to experience Series 8 of DOCTOR WHO on FOX on the same day as the UK, but only in its original version. We are very sorry! The German episodes will be presented to you on your VoD account at Sky and Kabel Deutschland. As soon as they are available, you will get a notice from us here at Facebook.

Doctor Who: Deep Breath will air this Saturday at 9 PM on FOX.

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8/20/2014 08:28:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: Ray Burmiston, BBC/BBC Worldwide 2014)PRIME in New Zealand have announced that they will be broadcasting the new series of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi from Sunday 31st August, at 7:30pm.

In recent years regular series episodes have aired in the country two Thursdays after broadcast in the United Kingdom, so the new timeslot marks a shorter interval to wait for viewers. However, for those able to get tickets, the series premiere Deep Breath can be seen a week ahead in cinemas - some presentations within a few hours of UK transmission.

(with thanks to Aman Jamwal, Nathan Hall)