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9/14/2014 08:06:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia is to run another range of courses using Doctor Who as a basis to teach participants skills in the industry.

NIDA have run Doctor Who related classes in the past for children/young people, teaching acting and script writing techniques.

This year's courses will be hosted from late September to early October.

Doctor Who: Screen Acting @ the ABC Studios 12-15 Years (Mon 22 Sep 2014 - Fri 26 Sep 2014 )
Identify and experience the essentials of screen acting and be guided through the backstage areas of the ABC Studios. Using scripts from the Doctor Who series exclusive to NIDA, rehearse and film scene work to camera, develop skills in characterisation and take your acting skills into another dimension. Perform at the end of the course for family and friends.

Doctor Who: Screen Acting 12-15 Years (Sat 04 Oct 2014 - Sun 05 Oct 2014)
Identify and experience the essentials of screen acting as you work on scripts from the Doctor Who series, exclusive to NIDA. Develop skills in characterisation and rehearse and film scenework to camera.

Doctor Who: Screen Acting 15-18 Years (Sat 04 Oct 2014 - Sun 05 Oct 2014 )
Identify and experience the essentials of screen acting as you work on scripts from the Doctor Who series, exclusive to NIDA. Develop skills in characterisation and rehearse and film scenework to camera.

Doctor Who Adventures: Screen Acting 8-11 Years (Sat 04 Oct 2014 - Sun 05 Oct 2014 )
Identify and experience the essentials of screen acting as you work on scripts from the Doctor Who series, exclusive to NIDA. Develop skills in characterisation and rehearse and film scenes to camera..

Doctor Who Adventures: Screen Acting @ the ABC 8-11 years (Mon 22 Sep 2014 - Wed 24 Sep 2014 )
Explore Time And Relative Distance In Space: Be guided through the backstage areas of the ABC Studios and experience the essentials of screen acting. Using scripts from the Doctor Who series exclusive to NIDA, rehearse and film scene work to camera, develop skills in characterisation and take your acting skills into another dimension. Perform at the end of the course for family and friends.

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9/14/2014 01:47:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Final figures for the UK transmission of Robot Of Sherwood give the episode a consolidated rating of 7.28 million viewers.

The final chart position should be available later in the week.

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9/14/2014 09:32:00 am - Reported by Marcus

4.8 million viewers, a share of 23.5 % of the total TV audience, watched Doctor Who: Listen according to unofficial overnight figures.

Doctor Who was once more the second most watched programme in the UK on Saturday night, beaten by The X Factor which had 8.5 million watching. Against Doctor Who, The Chase: Celebrity Special had 4.1 million viewers.

Doctor Who is currently the 19th most watched show of the week. Final figures will be released next Sunday.

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9/14/2014 02:26:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Character Options have unveiled the much anticipated action figure for the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor, as portrayed by Peter Capaldi.

This poseable range of 3.75 inch action figures include some iconic characters from the hit TV show. The new assortment includes favourite characters from the past and present series, including the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth incarnation of the famous Time Lord, his fiery former companion Amy Pond and two versions of the Daleks; classic design and Asylum design (as seen in Asylum of the Daleks).

For collectors wishing to complete their line-up of Time Lords the Twelfth Doctor can be found in two guises; in his regenerated form as seen in the The Time of the Doctor and in his stylish new outfit which will become more familiar as Series 8 progresses; resplendent in black long-line jacket, waistcoat, trousers and boots.

This latest figure will be first of the Twelfth Doctor in his own unique style and is eagerly awaited by fans. In fact, the range is so highly anticipated that Character Options had to air freight more figures in order to meet demand. The figure promises to be one of the most successful to date…!

The new series will be available in store now. Apart from the Dalek figures, each figure costs £6.99 and is presented on its own red Doctor Who Display base.

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9/13/2014 07:00:00 am - Reported by John Bowman

Radio Times' gallery of free downloadable retro posters for the current series of Doctor Who continues to grow with the creation by designer Stuart Manning for Listen which airs tonight.

Manning said:
This is an interesting episode to try and sum up visually, as it's about as far away from kitsch as you're likely to get.

I love the posters from things like Rosemary's Baby and Halloween - just a foreboding image that gives your imagination a place to start before viewing. So, in the end, I went with a slightly abstract, less literal image - somewhere between a '70s horror film and an '80s video nasty.

Imagine it on VHS after dark with lots of drop-out.
Listen will be broadcast at 7.30pm on BBC One.

This week's digital edition of Radio Times has a 46-page guide to ten of the Doctor's companions deemed the greatest by radiotimes.com readers via a poll. The extra content includes archive interviews and unseen photographs.

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9/13/2014 03:46:00 am - Reported by Marcus

A new preview clip for this week's episode has been released by the BBC.

Listen: Preview - Doctor Who, via YouTube

Listen debuts in the UK on BBC One at 7.30pm Saturday, followed by broadcasts around the world.

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9/13/2014 03:41:00 am - Reported by Marcus

The BBC have released details of the sixth episode of the current series of Doctor Who The Caretaker

The episode has been confirmed for transmission on BBC One on Saturday 27th September at a time to be announced.

The terrifying Skovox Blitzer is ready to destroy all humanity - but worse, and any second now, Danny Pink and the Doctor are going to meet.

When terrifying events threaten Coal Hill school, the Doctor decides to go undercover.

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9/12/2014 07:00:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Moments in TimeIt was fifty years ago today, on Saturday 12 September 1964, that first season of Doctor Who came to a close with the final episode of The Reign of Terror - Prisoners of Conciergerie.

Apart from one week's absence due to extended coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championships, the series has run continuously since it launched on that dark day in November when the world was still reeling from the death of President John F Kennedy. Forty-two episodes have been screened across 8 stories, which took our heroes from the temples of the Aztec empire to the twin star system of the Sense Sphere, from the dawn of human history to the petrified remains of Skaro, and from the Himalayas of Cathay to the jungles of Marinus. On their journey they met historical characters such as Marco Polo, Kublai Khan and Robespierre, as well as beings from beyond the stars.

The series has become a ratings success. From a quiet beginning with just 4.4 million viewers watching the debut show, the arrival of the Daleks has brought a surge in interest in the series, reaching a peak of 10.4 million watching in the winter months. As spring turned into summer ratings have declined, but are still very acceptable, with 6.4 million watching the final episode of the season.

The series is also gaining attention abroad, with sales in progress for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Although the series went off air on 12th September, production has continued with two more stories being recorded up until the end of the current cast's contracts on 24 October 1964. The break in transmission has been agreed by Chief of Programmes Donald Baverstock, to enable the production team to pause and take stock and for the BBC to decide if it actually wants Doctor Who to continue...

...For the prospects for the series beyond 1964 are far from assured. The BBC is still unconvinced the series has a long term future. It has many enemies in the upper echelons of the Corporation, men and women who see science fiction as childish rubbish and who feel licence payers would be better served by a good Dickens. Then there is the problem that the initial cast contracts had been for one year. Any new contracts would need to be negotiated with the actors agents, with a substantial pay increase likely be demanded given the success of the show. Head of Drama Sydney Newman argues that any new contracts should be open ended, but this will require a vote of faith from Baverstock, a commitment that the show would continue for the foreseeable future, a commitment he is unable to give.

As 1964 progresses, the lack of clarity on the programmes future restricts the options of the production team. Doctor Who may not continue past those first 52 episodes - if it is to continue there is a desire to shake up the cast. In the summer, Head of Series Donald Wilson outlines the problems in a memo in which he said a decision must be taken by 7th July.
If we are to lose any members of the cast - and our present thinking is that we may well drop the Jackie Hill character altogether and replace Carole Ann Ford with another younger girl - this must be decided in time so that we can write into The Return of the Daleks serial, the scenes which will make these changes work from then on.
By the end of July no decision has yet been taken. The start of the second series has been put back to 31 October, allowing a 6 week break in transmission. Barbara has now been saved, but Susan will still be leaving the series at the end of the year (Carole Ann Ford had been increasingly disillusioned with the way Susan had developed, with the character becoming far less alien than original envisaged, and was keen to move on).

If the series is to continue, the issue with the artists' contracts needs to be addressed. Producer Verity Lambert urgently needs to know if the programme has a future. On Thursday 6th August she has sends a memo to the Serials Department organiser.
If we could get an OK for a further thirteen weeks from 2 January, I would at least be able to take out an option for thirteen weeks with an option for a further thirteen. I have a feeling that, if we wait much longer, we will find ourselves in a position of losing our artists, which can only lead to a certain amount of chaos at the end of our next serial.
In response, Doctor Who is granted an extension of just four weeks, taking it to the end of January. Lambert prepares a discussion document on Tuesday 11 August setting out the stark options now facing Doctor Who, given its future was so uncertain.
If a four week extension is the best Baverstock can offer us. I feel that we should terminate Doctor Who at the end of this present series.

We had intended to write the character of Susan out..... If we are only continuing for four weeks there does not seem any point in writing Susan out.

If the series is to continue, we have to develop a character in this serial which we intend to take Susan's place... We cannot approach any artist on the basis of a six week engagement if, in fact, we are intending a six month engagement.

I think this is an absolutely insoluble problem unless we get a decision one way or another.
Baverstock's assistant John Muir sent him a memo summarising the options available.
  • You could stop transmission after Serial K (Dalek Invasion of Earth). This would require rewriting Serial K to make it suitable as a 'farewell' one.
  • You could stop at end January. This would involve the problems above
  • You could continue to end March
My own feeling is that an equivalent audience puller will be difficult to find, and that Doctor Who should go on until end March. The search for a replacement should begin now so you are able to make a choice by say November/December on what to put on after March 1965
On Thursday 14 August Baverstock meets with Lambert and finally agrees to renew Doctor Who for a further thirteen weeks, with a possibility of an additional thirteen after that. He is clear, however, that artist costs must not increase.

Now that Lambert has permission to continue she can begin negotiations with the principle agents. William Hartnell as the main character was the most important to secure. He dismisses the offer of a three month extension at the same money. He wants a rise of 25 guineas an episode taking his weekly pay to 250 guineas (£262) and he wants a contract of six months' duration. William Russell will accept the three month contact, but wants the same pay as Hartnell (he was currently on 150 guineas per week). Jacqueline Hill will also accept a three month contract but wants 200 guineas per episode, a rise of 95 guineas. Faced with such demands Lambert contacts Baverstock for advice.
As a first step you should talk to the principles and mention that if they were to hold to their demands for such very large increases, you might have difficulty recommending a continuation of the series with the same cast. Of the three Hartnell and Russell would be more valuable to you. If the two men were to show willingness to sign again for their present fees.... I would be willing to consider a commitment for six months.
In the end that commitment is given, Hartnell receives his 250 guineas an episode and Russell and Hill are both offered a rise of between 10 and 25 guineas an episode.

Doctor Who is now confirmed until the summer of 1965. New adventures await the crew, with a new companion joining the team later in the year. A new studio home has been won, freeing the team from the confines of the outdated Lime Grove complex and giving them a semi-permanent home at the BBC's Riverside studios in Hammersmith.

One year is complete, but the adventure continues...

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9/12/2014 01:17:00 am - Reported by Marcus

DWA 354In the new issue of BBC Doctor Who Adventures you can prove how much of a Doctor Who mastermind you are, and you could win a money-can’t-buy prize, with the magazine offering one lucky reader the chance to be the Editor for a day.

Current Editor, Moray Laing, says:
This is a fantastic prize for readers that love Doctor Who and are thinking about what they want to do when they’re older. The winner will get to make decisions about what goes in their favourite magazine and also see how we write and design the pages too. To win, all they have got to do is prove that they know Doctor Who inside out…
You’ll also find the second token to enter a competition to win a life-size TARDIS for your school. If you missed the first token, don’t worry because there will be a bonus token in the following issue.

  • SIX free gifts – including stickers, a notebook, badges and key ring.
  • Check out what’s coming up in the next two episodes.
  • Tricky puzzles
  • What is the ultimate robot?
  • Dalek shocks! How can a Dalek be good?
  • Win a Doctor Who box set and figure.
  • Interview with Samuel Anderson who spills some on-set secrets.
  • More amazing fact figures!
  • Find out what the Alien Babies are up to.
  • Another exciting comic strip with the Doctor and Clara!
  • All this and loads more!
BBC Doctor Who Adventures Issue 354, on sale 10 – 23 September 2014, priced £3.49.

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9/11/2014 08:35:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Top 10 Doctor Who CompanionsThe new digital issue Radio Times, available iOS on Apple’s Newsstand, includes an exclusive 46 page supplement of the Top 10 Doctor Who Companions as voted for by readers of Radio Times. The supplement includes archive interviews and photoshoots with the Doctor’s most memorable companions.

The new issue of Radio Times also includes interviews with Jenna Coleman on the rumours of her departure from the hit show, working with Peter Capaldi and her experiences of launching the new series around the world; Cilla Black, ahead of the ITV drama based on her life; the panel of BBC’s Would I Lie to You; and Nicholas Lyndhurst; plus comprehensive TV and radio listings 13-19 September 2014.

The Radio Times digital special also features an exclusive photo-galleries of Sherlock star Andrew Scott; the cast of BBC One’s Would Like Lie to You; and a behind the scenes look at new drama The Great Fire.

Radio Times on iPad contains all the great features, interviews, reviews and comprehensive TV and radio listings for 146 channels available in the print issue, alongside additional interactive features to enhance the readers’ experience. The additional features in the digital issue include:
  • Specially designed contents page for quick and easy direct access to daily choice and listings pages
  • Direct links to the week’s recommended programmes on-demand and catch-up TV services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and 4OD
  • Photo galleries, including exclusive behind the scenes videos from photo-shoots and interviews
  • Pinch and zoom TV & radio listings for ease of use
  • Comprehensive TV and radio listings, including BBC local radio, with handy links so you can jump to your desired day of the week.
Radio Times is available on the Apple Newsstand every Tuesday, for iPad and iPhone, at £1.99 per issue, £6.99 for a monthly subscription or £79.99 for an annual subscription. The digital issue is initially available on Apple devices and will be rolled out across other mobile and tablet platforms thereafter.

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9/11/2014 07:10:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Final figures for the UK transmission of Into The Dalek confirm the episode was the ninth most watched programme on British television for the week.

The final rating of 7.29 million includes those who watched the programme within one week of transmission. Doctor Who benefits from delayed viewing more than most other programmes, resulting in a chart position much higher than that based on the initial overnights. The final share was 30.4% of the total TV audience.

Doctor Who was the second most watched programme on BBC Television for the week, with The Great British Bake Off topping the chart for BBC One with 10.25 million watching. The highest rated episode of the soap EastEnders was Monday's with 6.82 million watching. Top for the week was Saturday's X Factor with 10.6 million. Other entries in the top ten were the Sunday edition of The X Factor and the five episodes of Coronation street.

The Sunday repeat of Into The Dalek had a final consolidated rating of 0.39 million viewers and a share of 1.9% of the total TV audience. The AI for the repeat was 78.

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9/11/2014 10:54:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Guinness World Record for Largest Doctor Who Collection, 6 Sep 2014 (Credit: Ian O'Brien)A fan from Manchester in the United Kingdom has been recognised by Guinness World Records for having the largest collection of Doctor Who memorabilia worldwide. Ian O'Brien's collection comprises of some 1,573 items at the time of recognition on 6th September 2014, with more added since that date!

Ian told us:
It feels absolutely amazing to be have achieved this. To be in the Guinness world records is blooming marvelous and as it's a Doctor Who record its the icing on the cake.

Full details on Ian's record can be found via the Guinness World Records website.

Doctor Who and its fans are not strangers to the Guinness Book of World Records, which celebrates its own 60th Anniversary this year. Rob Hull was recognised in 2011 for having the largest collection of Daleks, Doctor Who Magazine became the "Longest Running Magazine Based on a Television Series" in 2010, and the series itself was recognised in 2009 as the "Most successful sci-fi series". Last year's 50th Anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, was also officially recognised as "the world's largest-ever simulcast of a TV drama".

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9/10/2014 06:40:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The BBC have released details of the fifth episode of the upcoming series of Doctor Who Time Heist.

The episode has been confirmed for transmission on BBC One on Saturday 20th September at 7.30pm

The Doctor turns bank robber when he is given a task he cannot refuse - to steal from the most dangerous bank in the cosmos.

With the help of a beautiful shape-shifter and cyber-augmented gamer, the Doctor and Clara must fight their way past deadly security and come face to face with the fearsome Teller: a creature of terrifying power that can detect guilt.

The episode will follow Pointless Celebrities, the quiz show based on guessing the least likely answer, and will be followed by The National Lottery: In It to Win It. Against the Doctor ITV will once more offer a celebrity edition of the quiz show The Chase and the next edition of The X Factor.

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9/10/2014 12:05:00 am - Reported by Marcus

The classic series writer Jane Baker has died.

Jane Baker, along with her husband and writing partner Pip, was one of the best known writers from the mid 80's era of Doctor Who, writing eleven episodes for the series. Together they created the Rani, a female Time Lord scientist who was brought to life so vividly by the late Kate O'Mara, as well a creating the companion Mel.

Pip and Jane Baker began writing together in the 1960's working on the films The Painted Smile, The Break, The Night of the Big Heat and Captain Nemo and the Underwater City. On Television they worked on the children's thriller Circus as well as episodes of Z-Cars and Space 1999.

In 1985 they were commissioned by producer John Nathan Turner to write for the first full series of the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, producing the story Mark of the Rani. The story was well received and the couple returned the following year to pen Terror of the Vervoids the third segment of the Trial of a Time Lord Season, envisaged as a whodunnit in space.

Later that year the couple were called into rescue the series following the departure of the then Script editor Eric Saward, following a disagreement with Nathan Turner. Saward had withdrawn his script for the final episode of the season leaving the Bakers to come up with an alternative ending, without access to anything already written, and without creating anything which needed a new set to be built. They had just three days to come up with a script capable of concluding a season they had very little part in conceiving. Jane Baker later described to Doctor Who Magazine the period as challenging rather than exciting, but rated the script produced as one of her favourites.

After the transmission of the season, Phi and Jane Baker found themselves defending their scripts on the BBC's feedback programme Open Air, facing criticism from some fans including future script writer Chris Chibnall. It was an experience Jane found perplexing. "We were presented with four young men, who seemed to say on the one hand it was to complicated and on the other it was too simple".

The Bakers returned to Doctor Who at the start of the next season, introducing the seventh Doctor in Time and the Rani, a script which brought back their most enduring creation The Rani.

In the early 1990's they created the children's programme Watt on Earth which ran for 24 episodes on BBC One.

Tributes to Jane Baker have been led by Colin Baker, who posted on twitter
So very very sad to learn that Jane Baker of Pip and Jane fame - Doctor Who writers from my era - has died. My thoughts are with Pip.

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9/09/2014 02:07:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Doctor Who: New Generation (Credit: BBC Worldwide/ Kadokawa Shoten Co. Ltd.)Though the modern series of Doctor Who has yet to be established as essential viewing on television in Japan, fans in the country will now be able to enjoy the series in their native language thanks to an initiative announced by production company Kadokawa for this Autumn.

Doctor Who: New Generation will see the Matt Smith era released in the country starting with his debut series on 3rd October 2014, with the sixth and seventh series following over the next few months. The episodes will be fully dubbed into Japanese, with the voice of the eleventh Doctor portrayed by Tokuyoshi Kawashima, Amy by Kana Uetake, Rory by Yoshiki Nakajima, and River Song by Kozue Harashima.

The Series 5 Boxed set will be presented with Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo soundtracks in Japanese and the original English, plus Japanese subtitles; as well as the thirteen episodes of the series, the seven disc set will also include the 2010 Christmas special, A Christmas Carol:

  • Disc 1: 11番目の時間 (The Eleventh Hour); 眼下の獣 (The Beast Below)
  • Disc 2: ダーレクの勝利 (Victory of the Daleks); 天使の時間 (The Time of Angels)
  • Disc 3: 肉体と石 (Flesh and Stone); ヴェネチアの吸血鬼 (The Vampires of Venice)
  • Disc 4: エイミーの選択 (Amy's Choice); ハングリー・アース (The Hungry Earth)
  • Disc 5: 冷血 (Cold Blood); ゴッホとドクター (Vincent and the Doctor)
  • Disc 6: 下宿人 (The Lodger); パンドリカが開く (The Pandorica Opens)
  • Disc 7: ビッグバン (The Big Bang); クリスマス・キャロル (A Christmas Carol)
The DVD is available to pre-order via Amazon.