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8/24/2015 08:06:00 pm - Reported by Harry Ward

The latest circulation figures for publications have been released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations for the January to June 2015 period, which indicates that Doctor Who Magazine has taken a significant knock on its circulation. The report revealed the magazine has dropped 23.2% of readers since the July to December 2014 period. Doctor Who Adventures changed publisher during the Jan-Jun 2015 period. The last issue under Immediate Media (#363, 25 March 2015) the total circulation was 24,441, while Issue 1 (23rd April 2015) under Panini was 19,873. Between July and December 2014 the magazine dropped 2.09% of its circulation.

The full breakdowns can be found by clicking on the relevant linked publication certificate below.

Jul-Dec 2009Jan-Jun 2010Jul-Dec 2010Jan-Jun 2011Jul-Dec 2011Jan-Jun 2012Jul-Dec 2012Jan-Jun 2013Jul-Dec 2013Jan-Jun 2014Jul-Dec 2014Jan-Jun 2015
Doctor Who Magazine29,00035,374 (+22%)33,554 (-5.1%)30,682 (-8.6%)30,614 (-0.2%)27,089 (-11.5%)28,743 (+6.1%)31,692 (+10.3%)36,151 (+14.1%)33,538 (-7.2%)33,419 (-0.4%)25,663 (-23.2%)
Doctor Who Adventures44,66453,559 (+20%)56,648 (+5.8%)50,013 (-11.7%)48,470 (-3.1%)31,903 (-34.2%)31,935 (+0.1%)24,497 (-23.3%)28,443 (+16.1%)19,966 (-29.8%)20,944 (+4.9%)20,506 (-2.09%)
All figures are from the Audit Bureau of Circulations apart from the Jul-Dec 2009 figure for DWM, which is an estimate provided by DWM and included for comparison purposes.
ABC figures for DWM only started being calculated in 2010. Percentages shown are the change on the previous six months.

DWM's editor, Tom Spilsbury, told Doctor Who News:
Doctor Who Magazine has endured a bit of a decline since the last round of ABC figures, although we're not too disheartened. The first half of 2015 has been a relatively quiet time on the Doctor Who front, and so it's good to see that there are 25,000 loyal DWM readers who like to regularly pick up the magazine even when the show isn't on air, and we're looking backwards to older Doctors and earlier eras. After all, we're still the Number One best-selling sci-fi-themed magazine in the UK, which is a pretty incredible fact when you think about it!