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7/23/2014 12:00:00 am - Reported by Marcus

The new edition of SFX, out today, celebrates the return of Doctor Who to our screens this autumn with an exclusive selection of five limited edition covers and a revealing behind-the-scenes interview.

Issue 251, features access to the man behind Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, in which he exclusively reveals his hopes for the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, the direction he hopes the show will go in, and his episode-by-episode insight into the 2014 series.


To celebrate the return of Doctor Who to our screens, the magazine features five limited edition collectable covers: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and his four ​companions Clara, Strax, Jenny and Madame Vastra. These will be randomly distributed around the UK.

Dave Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of SFX, says:
We’re thrilled to have this first cover with Peter Capaldi - and bonus covers with all his gang! Doctor Who remains a favourite with all our readers. A month ahead of the show's return to our screens, this is a great chance to chat with the head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat about what's in store for the new Doctor.

Issue 251 also goes behind the scenes on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and analyses the future of superheroes on TV with a complete guide to the upcoming shows Gotham, Constantine, The Flash, Agent Carter and more. The issue also features interviews with geek icon Felicia Day, director Luc Besson, and top fantasy author Robin Hobb.

The issue goes on-sale Wednesday 23 July, priced £4.99.

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7/22/2014 08:22:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

A new trailer for the new Doctor Who Comics, released tomorrow, has been published by Titan

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7/21/2014 11:57:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

When the first issues of Titan Comics' all-new ongoing comics series, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #1 are released, readers will discover at last how new companions Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune enter the Doctor’s lives.

Titan have now announced that these first issues will also each include an exclusive link to a code that readers can use to bring these new comics companions into their Doctor Who: Legacy games.
Players will also be able to pit these new companions against thrilling new levels and enemies ripped from the pages of the comics – for free

Susan and Lee Cummings of Tiny Rebel Games said
We're very excited to be working with Titan to add the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors' newest companions to the world of Legacy. Seeing them fight alongside other fan-favorite companions like Amy, Clara and River Song, and go up against the amazing new enemies introduced in the comics, is pretty thrilling.
Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James added
Doctor Who fans from all over the world have already flocked to Legacy – and with good reason. So collaborating with the Legacy team to bring our comics companions into the game was a perfect opportunity. It’s a real delight for us that Gabby and Alice can now go on new adventures with the Doctor in between issues – and we look forward to sharing more comics-driven content through Legacy in the future.
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor are ongoing comics series published by Titan Comics. The first issues of both titles are released on July 23. with July 26 being designated Doctor Who Comics Day.

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7/21/2014 12:47:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Day of the Doctor was the most-watched drama on BBC Television last year, with an average of 12.8 million viewing.

The figures are confirmed in the BBC Annual Report published today, which also reveals that 3.2 million requested the 50th-anniversary episode on iPlayer.

Doctor Who is listed as one of the global highlights of the year, with the Doctor Who special being shown on TV in 98 countries, with 3D screenings in 23 countries, broadcast in 15 languages, and selling 649,138 cinema tickets in 25 countries. Following transmission, the episode went straight to the top of the iTunes US and Amazon charts, illustrating appetite for the Doctor Who brand, which has 4.3m fans on Facebook.

BBC Worldwide, the BBC's commercial arm, also reported on how well the series performs for the Corporation. The Day Of The Doctor sold more DVD copies in its first week than any previous Doctor Who title. Additionally, the returned classic Doctor Who episodes, The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear, topped the iTunes TV chart in October. By offering fans exclusive products, such as limited edition box sets and branded apparel, the e-commerce business at BBCShop.com has increased by 30.4%.

In North America the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary episode reached almost 4.5m viewers on the day and set a record for activity related to a televised event on Tumblr, surpassing the Super Bowl and MTV VMAs. The Doctor Who Christmas special premiere was BBC America's first-ever audience over 3m.

BBC Worldwide reported that although revenue from consumer products in the US as a whole was marginally down, it outperformed the declining US DVD market. This was aided by Doctor Who 50th-anniversary programming, which also fuelled an 80.1% uplift in licensing, with total licensing revenue equating to over US$100m in retail sales. The one-day theatrical release of The Day of the Doctor delivered the equivalent of US$4.8m at the box office, making it the second-highest US box office hit on the night.

In Australia the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary broadcast reached 1.7m viewers, while the sales of Doctor Who DVDs increased by 59.6%. Live events included the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular touring three cities, and the 50th-anniversary episode screening was seen by more than 95,000 cinema-goers in 131 cinemas. BBC Worldwide Australia launched four Doctor Who pop-up shops and an online store.

In Latin America The Day of the Doctor was seen by 24,000 people in cinemas across the region.

Overall, BBC Worldwide made a headline profit of £157.4 million.

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7/21/2014 11:11:00 am - Reported by Marcus

BBC Worldwide has responded to criticism from fans in South Korea by changing the venue of the Seoul leg of its World Tour, allowing many more people to attend the special screening in the capital.

The event will now take place in the Grand Ballroom at the 63 Building which will give more than 1000 fans the chance to watch the first episode of the upcoming season of Doctor Who, Deep Breath.

The fan event will still take place on August 9 and will include an appearance by the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, and his on-screen companion, played by Jenna Coleman.

Soojin Chung, GM of BBC Worldwide Korea said
"Fans are at the heart of everything we do. We have listened to and taken our fans advice. The new venue will allow many more fans to participate in the fan event and the contests we have planned will allow as many Doctor Who fans as possible to get their hands on tickets –whether they are in Seoul or not.
Tickets go on sale on Friday 25 July at 9am (KST). Fans will be able to purchase online from yes24.com . Tickets are priced at 15,000 KRW ($15.60) and 12,000 KRW ($11.70).

In the lead-up to the landing of the Doctor Who World Tour in Seoul, BBC Worldwide will host two competitions, giving fans the opportunity to win tickets to the fan event:
BBC Worldwide Ticket Competition.

Starting Tuesday 22 July, the TARDIS will be popping up in prominent locations in Seoul. Fans who spot it can take a creative picture of themselves with the TARDIS, and tweet us in the picture showing us how much they love Doctor Who. Fans should post to their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #tardisinseoul and the most creative pictures stand to win tickets to the fan event.

The TARDIS locations will be announced on our Twitter account @doctorwho_kor with the first location posted on Monday 21 July at 9pm Korea time. The full competition terms and conditions will be posted on doctorwho.tv/worldtour. Fans can start tweeting their entries from 12 noon on Tuesday 22 July until 11.59pm Sunday 27 July when the competition closes (all times KST).

Fans who aren't able to spot the TARDIS in Seoul can still win tickets to the event. A template for a mini cut-out TARDIS will be shared on Twitter at doctorwho_kor. Fans will be able to download this to use in their photos. Similar to the first competition, the most creative pictures, hashtagged #tardisinseoul stand to win tickets. The exact start date and time of this competition will be announced on Twitter.

50 pairs of tickets are up for grabs for each of the two competitions.

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7/20/2014 09:30:00 pm - Reported by Anthony Weight

Missing episode hunter Philip Morris, who was responsible for last year's discovery of 9 previously missing episodes from The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear at a Nigerian television station, has today declined to confirm whether or not he has found any further episodes of Doctor Who.

Morris has been taking part in an online question-and-answer session at the Doctor Who Missing Episodes Discussion Group on Facebook. Since 9pm UK time, Morris has been answering questions submitted by members of the group earlier in the day.

Asked to say whether or not he had found any further episodes, Morris told the group:
A tricky one to answer

And fans will just want a yes or no haven't you or have you. But it's complex all I can say is the wind is blowing the right way be patient. I don't wish to jeopardise the ongoing project in any way .And feel the fans of all lost tv will be very happy with the outcome.
Morris told the group of the dangers inherent in searching unstable areas of the world for vintage television programmes, including encounters with bandits and armed militia and narrowly being missed by a mortar shell in Syria. But he said he had also been inspired by countries such as India, and Ethiopia, which are "nations of very innovative people who find the most amazing ways of doing things with little funding".

Morris defended the statement issued last year, before the return of The Web of Fear and Enemy of the World, which declared the episodes "all gone"
It was a statement of fact. All the original video recordings were wiped, all the known negatives were junked and all out of contract film copies sent to landfill. They are the facts sadly. However moving on from that you have non returned prints audition films. And things which people thankfully thought to take home.
Morris said that the two stories he would most like to see returned are The Tenth Planet, Episode 4 and Power of the Daleks, as these are such key episodes.

However he said fans should not expect any news in the near future.
There are no announcements in the pipeline at present.It can sometimes be the wrong thing with ongoing work and investigation. An example would be during the last announcement I was in a very hostile part of the world and suddenly I was everywhere on tv my anonymity was compromised. Which made the team a target .So we must plan these things carefully for the greater good of the project and the safety of the personnel involved.
BBC Worldwide has previously stated to Doctor Who Magazine earlier this year that "BBC Worldwide does not have any of the 97 missing episodes of Doctor Who, and none of them have been - or are being - restored for release... We're aware of these rumours, and are keen to set the record straight... as we don't want fans' hopes to be falsely raised."

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7/20/2014 01:09:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Titan Comics are looking for fans to cosplay as the new companions featured in the brand new comic series, with the best entry's winning a place on a special variant cover of the magazines.

Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune will accompany the The Tenth Doctor and The Eleventh Doctor in their respective adventures, in the new set of comics, released next week, and celebrated by Titan on July 26th, Doctor Who Comics Day.

To enter just tweet your cosplay photos on July 26 to @ComicsTitan and tag them #doctorwhocomics. The best photo chosen by the Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James will be turned into a variant cover.

Outfit ideas are available online for Gabriella Gonzalez and Alice Obiefune.

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7/18/2014 09:54:00 pm - Reported by John Bowman

A party celebrating the start of Series 8 of Doctor Who and the arrival of the 12th Doctor is to take place in London on Saturday 23rd August.

The first episode, Deep Breath, will be shown live on a giant screen with a top-notch sound system. So too will any additional Doctor Who programming being broadcast that afternoon and evening. Food and drink will be available to buy throughout the party.

Organised by Jeremy and Paula Bentham together with Tony Clark, the Twelfth Knight Party will be free to attend and is open to all people aged 18 and over. However, admission is by allocated ticket only.

Jeremy told Doctor Who News:
Launch parties are tremendous fun for everyone, but a launch party for a new Doctor is something very special indeed. Sharing and joining in the gasps of surprise, the laughter, the sudden intakes of breath, those little nods to past history as we prepare to venture " . . . into darkness." It's an amazing experience that only a live audience really gets.
Capacity at the Twelfth Knight Party is strictly limited to 800 places. To apply for tickets, e-mail Jeremy at jjbentham@aol.com no later than Sunday 10th August, using the subject line Twelfth Knight ticket applications and stating your name as well as how many people will be in your group. Before applying, though, people are urged to consider their transport options for getting home afterwards, as the party will finish late.

Successful applicants will be contacted on or before Sunday 17th August, when they will be told the exact location of the party and will be sent their group or individual tickets.

Since the show's return to TV in 2005, the organisers have held a series of highly popular event parties in London.

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7/18/2014 07:30:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Moments in TimeIt was ten years ago today that director Keith Boak first called "Action!" to commence filming on a new series for a long-running, award-winning television programme that hadn't been in front of cameras in the United Kingdom for almost fifteen years. With Doctor Who having been confined for many years within literature, audio and online adventures - and one US-based TV movie pilot that had failed to lead to anything further - it wasn't difficult for many fans to feel that the show would never return to full production, even with the assurances from the BBC since 2003 that it would indeed be coming back to television soon - seeing would be believing...

Considering the intense media coverage of the casting of the new Doctor and his companion, filming itself started with minimal fanfare. Its new star Christopher Eccleston was hidden away in the depths of the Cardiff Royal Infirmary out of sight of public scrutiny; however, fandom ensured that even such an inauspicious beginning would be marked, and reports were soon appearing on Doctor Who News (in its earlier, "Outpost Gallifrey" incarnation!) documenting anything and everything to be witnessed from "Day One" ...

Dave Shuttleworth:

After looking at the streets listed as this week's locations on the news page, I popped in to the Cardiff Visitor Centre, in Working Street. I figured there was no harm in asking whether or not they could confirm that Doctor Who was going to be filmed outside their premises and, sure enough, not only are the crew using the street, they're using the visitor centre itself as a location, together with the pub next door (Toad @ the Exhibition).

The two premises are part of the same building - the old city library - and are being used as a police station. I went into the Toad for lunch (not bad and reasonably priced!) and got chatting to the girls behind the bar. They're getting ready to let the Doctor Who crew use half the pub on Tuesday night from 7pm (the rest will be open to the public) and are quite excited about the prospect.

From there I walked out to the old Cardiff Royal Infirmary, which is a wonderfully ramshackle example of gothic decay - a great location! In the area at the front of the building was a group of about eight or ten extras, dressed as soldiers - camouflage gear, red berets and heavy rifles - together with one man dressed in a smart military uniform, with a cap (from the military police vehicle I spotted later, I would guess they might be 'Redcaps' but I didn't recognise the insignia on the berets, which was sort-of T-shaped metal badge - perhaps a figure with arms outstretched?).

There were various film crew types wandering about and an awful lot of lighting/equipment vans and other lorries. Circling the site, there were lots of temporary 'BBC Wales' signs and I asked one of the chaps what was going on (I'm sure my pretence of 'not being all that interested' didn't fool him for a moment!) and he said: "It's the first day of filming on the new series of Doctor Who."

Back round at the front of the building, some set dressing was going on at the hospital gates - a big 'metal' arch, painted black, with 'ALBION HOSPITAL' in gold letters, which were being dirtied down. From the safety of the other side of the road I watched for a while (I was desperate not to run the slightest risk of getting in the way or annoying anyone and it's a very public place, so what the hey?) then went off to the cinema for a couple of hours.

When the film was over I couldn't resist popping back for another look! By this time (around 4pm) there were a handful of police vehicles (basic markings - stripes and lettering, blank insignia - so not a specific force, apart from one that had 'MILITARY POLICE' on its bonnet. Maybe extra decals will be added later?) and the armoured car. Round the back of the infirmary were four extras, dressed as police wearing tactical gear (black combat stuff).

Filming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave ShuttleworthFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Dave Shuttleworth
Photos by Dave Shuttleworth

Paul Mount:

I managed to position myself surreptitiously near the main gates to the Hospital (renamed Albion Hospital) where a scene with a reporter was being rehearsed/filmed. I saw the material being played back on DV Playback equipment (thus ending the film/DV argument, I guess) and it consisted of the reporter uttering dialogue indicating that "Nobody is confirming if the body is alive or dead. Whitehall are saying nothing. The body has been brought here to Albion Hospital, the nearest hospital to the river. The roads are closed, the hospital has been evacuated." There was some reference to a General Asquith, the body being human or alien and then the roads were closed again as a scene of a military police car and an ambulance driving through the gates was recorded. The general area was 'decorated' with London-style bus stops, one of which, I noticed as I walked right past it, was bearing a London street map the familiar red circle-style London Underground symbol.

The area was literally packed with people - technicians, production crew etc, presumably Keith Boak directing from the concourse area inside the gates. There were loads of black-clad police officers brandishing machine guns, the tank had been moved nearer the gates and there were quite a few other vehicles and extras in military uniform. I caught a quick glimpse of the script in the hands of one technician and while I couldn't get close enough to have a good look I could clearly see dialogue and reference to one character speaking - Jackie.

Filming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob StradlingFilming at Cardiff Royal Infirmary, 18 Jul 2004. Photo: Rob Stradling
Photos by Rob Stradling

The scenes above were ultimately for Aliens of London, but a couple of days later the media finally caught up on events with widespread coverage of filming outside Howell's Department Store and Queen's Arcade in the town centre for Rose, including BBC News coverage live from outside the store, and more fans gathering to catch a glimpse of "their" show coming back to life for the 21st Century ...

David Shaw:

The Autons are back! After reading the tip-offs on Outpost Gallifrey (thanks), I travelled the 150 miles to Cardiff yesterday (Tues 20th July) with my 6-year-old daughter, Emma, in the hope of experiencing a bit of the magic of Dr Who's return. We found the Working Street/St. John Street location quite easily, and wandered past the production team vans at 5.30pm. Emma was delighted to spot a familiar group of shop-dummy props in the back of one of the trucks, clearly indicating the return of the Autons! The street was then dressed to resemble 1950s(?) London; props were positioned: a red telephone box, Underground sign, red post box, London bus stop, gaslamps, two industrial metal dustbins and an Evening Standard headline display announcing "Proper rigmarole" (a la Web Of Fear). The sign of the "Sneakers" sports shoe shop was removed and replaced with a fictional "Classic Bride" pink shopfront. Wedding gowns arrived for the dummies as well as "C.B." logo stickers for the shop windows. We were excited to realise that it would be the scene of an Auton breakout, as glaziers arrived to fit temporary glass windows! The exterior of the Toad @ The Exhibition pub was transformed into a police station, with new signs, an information board and a blue "police" lamp. We had followed two traditional 1950s-style London buses from the motorway into Cardiff earlier in the afternoon and were amazed to see them turn up in the Dr. Who street. In fact there was a range of vehicles: fire engine, Royal Mail lorry, Evening Standard van, two black London taxis and the two buses. We tried to keep out of the way and were allowed to wander up and down the street until after 8pm. A few of the workers spoke to us in a friendly manner, and no-one asked us to move away. As darkness fell, the area was closed off by the Police with "do not cross" tape, and some extras dressed as firemen arrived. We heard a few rehearsals and shouts of "Quiet please!" as some minor scenes were filmed. Since it was now 9.30 pm and it seemed likely that the main filming would not take place until the middle of the night, we left. We returned at 5am this morning, however, as dawn was breaking to find the clear-up in full swing. Significantly, there was shattered glass all over the pavement in front of the "Classic Bride" shop, and we watched as the props were systematically removed (all the vehicles had already gone). The Auton shop dummies were piled up in the street and then all props were put back into the trucks. Emma had a fantastic time - Dr Who is definitely back!

Filming at Queen's Arcade, 20 Jul 2004. Photo: Gareth PriceFilming at Queen's Arcade, 20 Jul 2004. Photo: Gareth PriceFilming at Queen's Arcade, 20 Jul 2004. Photo: Gareth PriceFilming at Queen's Arcade, 20 Jul 2004. Photo: Gareth Price
Photos by Gareth Price

Anna Roberts:

Just got back from Cardiff city centre. I stayed for about half an hour from 10 pm on. ... When I was there, they were filming outside the entrance to Queen's Arcade using it as the entrance to a shopping centre. Again, it had been dressed to look like London, with an Underground sign by the entrance. It had also been prettified a bit with a couple of new, small iron lamp posts, but otherwise they didn't seem to have changed any of the shop fronts... There were assorted vehicles about the area, including two red London buses (the Routemaster type - one was route 74 to Putney Heath for those who really like their details), a couple of black cabs, an Evening Standard van, post van, and what seemed to be a small fire engine. Plus a massive crane to light the scene. RTD was in attendance and they were filming a couple of scenes with a female actress, who was wearing blue trackie bottoms with what looked like Adidas stripes, a pink top/jumper and a blue denim jacket. She was also carrying a blue, sequined denim handbag, a mobile phone and a white A4 piece of paper/envelope. The scene consisted of the actress (likely NOT Billie Piper) walking across the road talking on her mobile, while a couple of the vehicles drove past and the best part of a dozen normally dressed extras carrying shopping bags milled about. I could hear most of the dialogue, and following a line about where are you, she was talking to somebody she referred to as darling (boyfriend). As best I can remember the dialogue it was "I can't hear you, the signal's breaking up. I'm just going to do some late night shopping." Gripping, huh? A second scene was quickly rehearsed where the same actress ran back out of the shopping centre followed by a tightly packed group of the same extras marching oddly. I have a suspicion that this might have been put on for the benefit of the audience though as the crew then broke for a meal without filming it. Hope that keeps your appetites whetted.

Ten years on, and as filming continues apace on Peter Capaldi's first series there has been no diminishing of fan and media interest in the development of the show, and modern social media services such as Twitter now provide a rich source of both fan and public experiences of the Doctor Who production out and about. The new Doctor's willingness to pose for photos with the public between takes has led to widespread interest whenever they are on the streets - yesterday being no exception when the TARDIS and its usual occupants were spotted on Queen Street, Cardiff during the morning (and duly featured by the Daily Mail). With the expectation of London featuring prominently for filming next week, the popularity of production will no doubt continue unabated (filming last took place in the capital for the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor, and Trafalgar Square was 'besieged' by spectators!).

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7/17/2014 11:36:00 pm - Reported by John Bowman

BBC Worldwide issued another apology today to the Doctor Who cast and production crew following the recent leaks of scripts and episodes from the forthcoming Series 8.

In total, five scripts and the first six episodes in an unfinished form ended up on an FTP (file transfer protocol) site at BBC Worldwide's office in Miami that members of the public could access, causing the corporation serious embarrassment. The blunder has led to disciplinary action being taken.

In an update statement, which also thanked fans for their efforts to stop the material spreading, the BBC's commercial arm said today:
We would like to thank Doctor Who fans everywhere for their amazing efforts in helping us contain the recent leaks.

The mistake was damaging and resulted in the exposure of five scripts and the first six unfinished episodes from Series 8 on a publicly accessible FTP site. While there is still a risk that this leak will result in more of this content emerging, so far the impact has been contained to a limited amount of this material through a combination of fans' efforts and the plan that we put in place using new technology and internal manpower to limit any illegal activity.

We would particularly like to thank the fansite moderators and Doctor Who devotees who have actively protected the programme.

BBC Worldwide has taken this issue extremely seriously and disciplinary action has been implemented as a result of the incident.

Our sincere apologies again to Steven Moffat, the cast and production team who toil long hours to make the show in Cardiff, the BBC, and of course the fans who expect so much better.
It also said sorry earlier this month, when it became apparent that the five scripts had leaked online, issuing a statement to radiotimes.com that said in part:
We deeply regret this and apologise to all the show's fans, the BBC and the cast and crew who have worked tirelessly making the series.

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7/17/2014 03:34:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

World Tour (London)The British Film Institute have announced that, as part of the Doctor Who World Tour, they will be showing the series premiere Deep Breath on the big screen on 7th August at 6:30pm, followed by a Q&A session featuring members of the cast and crew.

Tickets for the event are expected to be in high demand, and will be allocated by ballot. Members of the public can apply for up to two tickets via the BFI website until 8:30pm on 20th July (there is a separate application page for members who can request tickets at a discounted rate).

The evening follows on from the afternoon world premiere of the episode at Cardiff's St David's Hall, and forms part of the BFI's Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder season.

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7/17/2014 12:54:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Big Finish have released the covers for two upcoming Fourth Doctor adventures that have been adapted from original novels written for the Virgin Missing Adventures range by Gareth Roberts. The two stories are set during the Graham Williams era of the television show, featuring Tom Baker as the Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana, and John Leeson as the voice of K-9.

The Romance of Crime (Credit: Big Finish)The Romance of Crime
Written by Gareth Roberts, adapted by John Dorney
Directed by Nicholas Briggs

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Romana and K9 to the Rock of Judgement; a court, prison and place of execution built into a rocket-powered asteroid. When involved in an investigation by the system's finest lawman, they begin to seek answers to some disturbing questions.

Cast: Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9), Graham Seed (Pyerpoint), Miranda Raison (Margo/Xais), Phil Mulryne (Shom, Hogan, Ogron 6), Marcus Garvey (Frank Spiggot), Michael Troughton (Stokes), James Joyce (Zy, Ogron 5, Barman), Joshua Silver (Charlie Nisbett), John Dorney (Eddie Nisbett/Ogrons), Jane Slavin (Blakemore, Bailiff, LIbrarian)
The English Way of Death (Credit: Big Finish)The English Way of Death
Written by Gareth Roberts, adapted by John Dorney
Directed by Nicholas Briggs

The Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive in 1930s London to return some overdue library books. They plan to take a rest after their recent adventures, but Romana detects a distress signal from the future and the Doctor is attacked by a suffocating green mist.

Cast: Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9), Terrence Hardiman (Stackhouse), Derek Carlyle (Orlick), Richard Braine (Percy Closed), Abigail McKern (Felicia), Annabel Mullion (Julia), Mark Bonnar (Porteus), Tim Bentinck (Colonel Radlett), Andrew Bone (Woodrow), Jane Slavin (Harriet)

The adventures are due to be released in January 2015 as both standard editions and also in a limited edition that comes in special packaging and a bonus behind-the-scenes disc.

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7/16/2014 09:08:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Legacy - Rose (Credit: BBC Worldwide)
Rose Tyler is coming to Doctor Who: Legacy – complete with her 'Heart of the TARDIS’ ability, which resets the game’s gem board.

Rose will be available in the store tonight for early access purchase and will later be added as a rare drop to the game in a couple of weeks when the next story expansion is released.

Doctor Who News is pleased to offer twenty readers the chance to access the character.

Simply tell us where Rose was working when she first met the Doctor?

Email your answers to comp-legacy@doctorwhonews.net

Competition closes at 1700 GMT on Thursday 17 July.

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7/16/2014 06:33:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

BBC Doctor Who Adventures magazine is looking for the UK's ultimate Doctor Who family.

There will be Doctor Who goodie bags stuffed with prizes for the overall winner and three runner-up families – and readers can enter, no matter how big or small their family is, for a chance to win.

Doctor Who Adventures Editor Moray Laing says:
The search is on! Does your family live and breathe Doctor Who? Do you own the biggest Doctor Who collection? Perhaps you all like to dress up as the Doctor, monsters or companions and watch the episodes? We want to know so that we can find the ultimate family!
Also this month
  • Alien Babies comic fun.
  • The latest news.
  • Use the free app Blippar to upgrade yourself into a Cyberman or take the TARDIS on a special journey into time and space!
  • The MonsterChef makes terrors on toast.
  • Davros facts.
  • A guide to the Weeping Angels.
  • Photo special about the new series.
  • Adventures for the Doctor and Clara in the comic strip – written by Richard Cookson, who recently worked on Doctor Who as script editor

Bookmark and Share SPACE confirms broadcast time for Deep Breath

7/15/2014 10:10:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Canadian broadcaster SPACE have now confirmed that they will be showing the series premiere Deep Breath at 8:00pm Eastern time (5:00pm Pacific).

The currently confirmed broadcasts for the episode are:

United KingdomBBC One23 Augusttime tbc
GermanyFOX23 August9:00pm (European)
United StatesBBC America23 August8:00pm (Eastern)
CanadaSPACE23 August8:00pm (Eastern)
AustraliaABC124 Augusttime tbc

It has also been indicated that BBC Worldwide's Entertainment channels will also broadcast the premiere close to its UK debut, though this has yet to be confirmed. Certainly, the Doctor Who World Tour is taking in the Asia Pacific and Latin America regions, with the latter regularly reminding its viewers of the launch date via their Facebook page.
Doctor Who premieres 23 August 2014 (Credit: BBC Worldwide (Latin America))

Bookmark and Share The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium

7/14/2014 07:52:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Full details of the forthcoming The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium are now available, with the book due to be published on the 4th August 2014:

The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium (Credit: Wonderful Books)THE CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO DVD COMPENDIUM
The complete guide to every DVD release of the original 'classic' series of Doctor Who

August 2014 sees the publication in print and ebook of THE CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO DVD COMPENDIUM, a guide to the entire range on DVD of the show's original run from 1963 to 1996.

When the range began in 2000 many Doctor Who adventures were still being issued on fuzzy old VHS. But the DVDs were on a whole new level unmatched in archive television releases before or since. Not only did they offer the superior picture quality and playback flexibility of the then-burgeoning medium; not only were the episodes digitally restored from the best surviving source materials to bring them back to (or even exceed) their original broadcast quality; but they also included an increasingly sophisticated range of additional features that examined the programme's production and legacy.

THE CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO DVD COMPENDIUM chronicles every detail of the range. It's part buying guide for those new to or still collecting the discs, helping them compare releases and select which one they want to get next, and part catalogue for long-time buyers whose collection is complete, enabling them to quickly find any item to watch again. The book provides summaries of the stories, without giving away spoilers for those yet to see the episodes; connections to other adventures to help viewers decide what to buy or watch next; outlines of the restoration techniques used for each release; and more comprehensive descriptions of every extra than can be found elsewhere.

There are also five appendices covering supplementary releases of Classic Who episodes and related programmes; a full list of items hidden on the discs as easter eggs and how to find them; details of the DVDs' releases in other countries; and more. Plus to help collectors find specific contents, there are multiple indexes cataloguing the more frequent extras, key participants in the audio commentaries, recurring features, and a full index of contributors to the special features.

Whether you're only just discovering the long history of Doctor Who's original incarnation or have been a fan and collector for years, THE CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO DVD COMPENDIUM is the ultimate companion to the complete DVD range, celebrating the most comprehensive and detailed release of a television series there has ever been.

Paul Smith is the author and designer of last year's "Time and Space Visualiser: The Story and History of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations", which presents a wealth of information about the show in a unique way using eye-catching graphs and charts. He also produced "The Wonderful Book of Dr Who 1965", a tongue-in-cheek look at the early days of the series in a modern style.

THE CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO DVD COMPENDIUM by Paul Smith is due to be published on 4 August 2014. Available print-on-demand from Amazon (436 pages, 6x9in), or as an ebook.

Bookmark and Share Doctor Who World Tour: South Korea details

7/14/2014 05:30:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

BBC Worldwide have now released details about the forthcoming Doctor Who World Tour's arrival in South Korea:

World Tour (Seoul)The twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi and the Doctor’s on-screen companion, played by Jenna Coleman will land in Korea on 9th August and will spend the day with Korean fans and media.

The fan event will take place at IFC mall in Seoul on the 9th and will start with a special fan screening of the new season's first episode. After the screening, Peter and Jenna will meet with Korean Doctor Who fans. The fan meeting will take place at 5.00pm at the atrium of the mall and is open to all.

To celebrate the Korea stop of Doctor Who: The World Tour, there will be competitions where fans can win tickets to the screenings that will take place in multiple cinemas. More information about these competitions will be released later this week. Fans can follow doctorwho_kor on twitter for details.

Bookmark and Share Titan to launch comics at San Diego Comic Con

7/14/2014 03:40:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Titan Comics have revealed plans to launch their two brand-new ongoing Doctor Who comic series - Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor – at San Diego Comic Con.

To mark the event four special variant covers of Doctor Who: The Tenth #1 and The Eleventh Doctor #1 will be available from Titan Comics (booth #5537), the BBC Shop (booth #4129) and Diamond (booth #2401) plus a Comickaze one is available for an offsite event.

SDCC Titan Comics Variant (Credit: Titan) Diamond Variant (Credit: Titan) BBC Shop Variant (Credit: Titan) Comickaze Store Variant (Credit: Titan)
Events are scheduled throughout the weekend.
Writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande and cover artist Alice X Zhang will be signing copies of the comics at the Titan Booth #5537 from 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Artist Des Taylor will be signing copies of the Forbidden Planet store variants of the comics at the Titan Booth #5537 between 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande, cover artist Alice X. Zhang and Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James will reveal exclusive secrets from the upcoming Tenth and Eleventh Doctor storylines and show never-before-seen art and concept designs at a special panel. Plus, a first look at interior art from the upcoming Twelfth Doctor ongoing series.

Attendees will get to watch an exclusive video surprise, while every person who attends the panel will receive a special Doctor Who Comics Day pack. The event takes place in Room 23ABC between 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

Writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande and cover artist Alice X Zhang will be signing copies of the comics at the Titan Booth #5537 from 4:30pm – 5:30pm.
The offsite event is being held at the Comickaze Comic Store on Clairemont Mesa Blvd on Saturday July 26. Writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande, cover artist Alice X. Zhang and Doctor Who comics editor, Andrew James will be available for a Doctor Who signing and Doctor Who quiz.

Attendees are invited to come dressed as their favourite Doctor Who character for a chance to win exclusive Doctor Who merchandise.

Bookmark and Share Doctor Who World Tour: Australia details

7/14/2014 08:15:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

BBC Worldwide have released details about the forthcoming Doctor Who World Tour's arrival in Australia:

World Tour (Sydney)Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and his onscreen companion Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) will be live on stage at the State Theatre, Sydney for a one-time-only fan event on Tuesday 12th August.

Following on from last year's smash-hit 50th anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who, BBC Worldwide is thrilled to be bringing the stars of the show to Australia as part of a major global tour to launch the latest series and introduce fans to the new Doctor.

Join the stars for an exclusive Q&A hosted by long-time Doctor Who fan, Adam Spencer, and be the first in Australia to see Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor with a special screening of the feature-length premiere episode of the new series. Fans will also be given the opportunity to put some of their own questions to the stars.

Helen Pendlebury, Head of Live Entertainment, BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand, said:
Australia has some of the most passionate Doctor Who fans in the world and we are delighted to offer them access to the Twelfth Doctor and his companion when they visit Sydney as part of Doctor Who: The World Tour.
Tickets will be available for general sale through Ticketmaster from 11.00am on Monday 21st July.

Doctor Who: The World Tour will begin in Cardiff, Wales on 7th August, before heading to London, Seoul (South Korea), Sydney (Australia), New York (US), Mexico City (Mexico) and finishing in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on 19th August. (world tour video introduction)

Bookmark and Share Reeltime Pictures to withdraw double-production titles

7/13/2014 09:36:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Reeltime Pictures have announced that they are to withdraw a number of its DVD releases which feature more than one production on the discs. The releases affected include a number of specials and their popular Myth Makers interviews, which will no longer be available to trade and mail order purchasers from the 30th September 2014.

Producer Keith Barnfather said:
We’re in the process of repositioning the company and its product range and double DVD packages will not work in our future plans.

In an effort to soften the blow to customers, we have agreed with one of our main stockists, Galaxy 4, to offer these titles in a final 3 for 2 offer. Hopefully this will allow anyone wanting to complete their collection to do so.

Reeltime are promising new titles and better access to its programming from 2015.

Bookmark and Share Full Doctor Who trailer released

7/13/2014 09:04:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The first, full trailer for the forthcoming series of Doctor Who has now been released by the BBC. The minute long trailer was broadcast on BBC One during the half-time interval for the World Cup Final at 8:57pm.

Bookmark and Share Deep Breath leaks online

7/12/2014 10:54:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Radio Times is reporting that a rough cut of Deep Breath, Peter Capaldi's first episode of Doctor Who, is available on pirate websites.

The leak follows the release of several scripts of episodes onto the internet due to a security breech on a server in the BBC Worldwide office in Miami. Although video material was accessible on the servers it was originally thought that no material had been accessed. It is now believed the leaked episode comes from the same source. Although complete in duration, the episode in question lacks several effects shots and has a place holder title sequence.

A BBC spokesperson told RadioTimes.com
This is part of BBC Worldwide's ongoing security investigation into leaked unfinished Doctor Who materials. This content is currently being removed and originates from the same Miami server disabled last week, it is not a new issue. We'd like to thank the amazing Doctor Who fans who are continuing to keep fansites and social media spoiler-free.
Showrunner Steven Moffat was asked about the script leak at the London Film & Comic Con on Saturday where he described the leak as horrible, miserable and upsetting for Doctor Who team.

Bookmark and Share Ray Lonnen 1940-2014

7/12/2014 02:27:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Photo: Ray Lonnen/TwitterThe actor Ray Lonnen has died at the age of 74.

Ray Lonnen played Gardiner, an officer aboard the Earth battle cruiser, in the 1973 Doctor Who story Frontier in Space.

Away from Doctor Who he appeared in many British television dramas over the years, including The Bill, Midsomer Murders, Crossroads, Budgie the Little Helicopter, Rich Tea and Sympathy, Harry's Game, Z Cars, Coronation Street and Jackanory.

The actor died on Friday after a three year long fight with Cancer

He was married to the actress Tara Ward, who announced his death on twitter.

Bookmark and Share Sci-Fi Sea Cruise to end

7/12/2014 01:23:00 am - Reported by Marcus

The Florida run Sci-Fi Sea Cruise event is to end after a run of 25 years.

The organiser, Dan Harris, will not be aranging any more cruises, at least in the foreseable future, after financial problems with the travel agency used to organise the trip.

Over the years, eighteen voyages have been organised, drawing such guests as Sylvester McCoy, Frazer Hines and Carole Ann Ford, with writers' workshops and Fan Audio & Video Workshops being organised.

Harris posted a message on the event website expressing his sadness at having to call time on the cruises.
After eighteen fan-tastic voyages spread across a 25 year span of time, it will feel very strange to not be looking forward to our next trip together.

Unfortunately, the travel agency with whom I had been dealing with for the last decade has gone rather disastrously out of business, with the owner now in jail....While none of our cruise members' vacations or funds were ever endangered, he has, however, left me in a position where the only responsible thing to do seems to be to call it a day for now, and just enjoy all of the good memories.

Bookmark and Share New Doctor Who image released

7/11/2014 01:11:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

 Deep Breath (Credit: BBC/Adrian Rogers)

A new image from the upcoming series of Doctor Who has been released by the BBC.

The image was released to tie in with an interview given to US magazine Entertainment Weekly by show-runner Steven Moffat about the new Doctor's debut.

It’s a big introduction—he’s the new Doctor.

There’s no point pretending that it’s not the most interesting, dynamic thing that you’ve got to sell in that first episode. It’s going to be about ‘What’s he like? How’s he different?’ I suppose it feels a bit like a character piece, but there’s plenty of action and nonsense and jeopardy, as there ever is in Doctor Who

Bookmark and Share Sanjeev Bhaskar to appear in Doctor Who

7/11/2014 12:00:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The BBC has confirmed that actor and comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar is to guest star in the final episode of the upcoming episode of Doctor Who.

The actor is best known for his work on the BBC series Goodness Gracious Me which ran on Radio 4 from 1996-1998 before transferring to BBC Two in 1998. He later became the host of The Kumars at No. 42. He also presented and starred in a documentary series called India with Sanjeev Bhaskar in which he travelled India and visited his ancestral home in today's Pakistan.

Speaking about the role, Bhaskar said:
I’m thrilled to have made a small contribution to and now be part of the Doctor Who universe. Another dream box ticked!
Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, said:
I’m completely thrilled that Sanjeev Bhaskar is coming to the aid of the Doctor. The danger is never deadlier than in a finale episode, and the Time Lord is going to need all the help he can get!
Guest stars confirmed to join Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in the new series include Michelle Gomez, Frank Skinner, Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris.

Bookmark and Share Launch Date for Doctor Who on Retro TV

7/11/2014 01:13:00 am - Reported by Marcus

US station Retro TV has announced that the classic series of Doctor Who will launch on the channel on August 4th.

The run will see stories aired from each of the first seven Doctors, with just under 500 episodes being acquired by the channel which specialises in airing such classic TV programmes as The Lucy Show, Petticoat Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies, Highway to Heaven, Naked City and I Spy.

The Doctor Who run will begin with the very first episode of the series, An Unearthly Child, first broadcast in the UK in 1963. Two episodes will be shown back-to-back every weeknight at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

Matthew Golden, Luken’s Vice President of Production said
We’re excited to set a fixed point in time for the arrival of classic episodes of Doctor Who on Retro TV. These meticulously restored episodes will bring the history of the Doctor to the U.S. in a way that viewers have never seen before.
In addition to the weeknight schedule, a two hour encore block will air on Saturday evenings as part of Retro TV’s new Sci-Fi Saturday. Starting at 6:00 PM ET/PT, viewers can enjoy the supernatural anthology One Step Beyond, Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Full listings for Doctor Who around the world can be found on This Week in Doctor Who.

Bookmark and Share Zohra Sehgal 1912-2014

7/10/2014 07:00:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Zohra SehgalThe acclaimed actress Zohra Sehgal has died at the age of 102.

Zohra Sehgal was the longest lived actress ever to appear in Doctor Who, appearing alongside the first Doctor William Hartnell in two stories. She played Sheyrah in the second episode of the 1965 story The Crusade, as well as having a small role playing an attendant in three episodes of the 1964 story Marco Polo.

Zohra Sehgal was born in 1912, in Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, the third of seven children. After attending Queen Mary's Girls College in Lahore she decided to pursue a career as a performer.

Her first role for British television was in a BBC adaptation of a Kipling story, The Rescue of Pluffles. She anchored 26 episodes of BBC TV series, Padosi (Neighbours), made in 1976–77. She was signed by Merchant Ivory Productions appeareing in The Courtesans of Bombay directed by James Ivory in 1982. This paved the way for the role of Lady Chatterjee in the television adaptation The Jewel in the Crown in 1984. She went on to appear in Tandoori Nights, My Beautiful Laundrette, Bhaji on the Beach, The Mystic Masseur, Bend It Like Beckham, Cheeni Kum and others.

The actress received the Padma Vibhushan, India's second-highest civilian honour, in 2010.

Speaking on her 102nd Birthday Sehgal spoke of the future.
I am preparing myself for death. When I go to sleep, I try to keep myself smiling. So that when I die, I have a smile on my lips. I want an electric cremation. I don't want any poems or fuss after that. And for heaven's sake, don't bring back my ashes. Flush them down the toilet if the crematorium refuses to keep them. If they tell you that I am dead, I want you to give a big laugh.
Zohra Sehgal died at a hospital in Delhi on Thursday afternoon following a cardiac arrest.

Bookmark and Share Deep Breath for 8:00pm premiere in the UK?

7/10/2014 06:11:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

German broadcaster FOX have now updated their online listings guide for August, and indicate that the first episode of the new series, Deep Breath, is scheduled for the 23rd August at 9:00pm. The BBC have yet to confirm the time that the episode will air on BBC One, but with FOX previously announcing their intention to simulcast the series alongside the United Kingdom, this would suggest that Doctor Who might well be back on the air at the prime time of 8:00pm!

It should be noted, however, that schedules may be subject to change as the broadcast date approaches, and that the 75 minute episode may not be simulcast as anticipated - for the 50th anniversary, the similarly feature-length The Day of the Doctor aired from 7:50pm in the UK with a ten minute delay before commencing in Germany (at 9:00pm local time).

FOX's schedules indicate that they plan to broadcast the final eleventh Doctor adventures The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor before the premiere itself, kicking off from 5:45pm local time.

Bookmark and Share Does Doctor Who have the best fans?

7/10/2014 02:04:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who might not have a panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but there's a chance its fans could steal the spotlight (twice) at the first-ever mtvU Fandom Awards.

Presented by MTV's college network spin-off, online voting is now open in several categories for the awards, which will be presented on July 27 and air in the US on both mtvU and MTV that evening at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Nominees were announced on July 9.

Doctor Who is listed among TV Dramas including Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, Breaking Bad and Pretty Little Liars. According to mtvU, the awards will be handled in a "bracket" system, with the top vote-getters moving on to the next round. Doctor Who is directly competing against Breaking Bad and if it wins will move on to the next round. If it makes it past Round 3, the series will be placed head to head against top nominees in the Movies, TV Comedies and Animation categories for the final prize.

The series is also nominated in a special BFF (Best Fandom Forever) category, where its competition is Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock and Batman. (What, no Star Trek?) Votes will be tallied in the form of how many "likes" and reblogs each franchise receives off the voting page.

To cast your vote (registration at MTV.com required) or to get liking and reblogging for the BFF category, click here.
Reviewed by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Bookmark and Share Doctor Who News - iPhone App

7/09/2014 05:42:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who News is now available on the updated iPhone/iPad App.

The revised version of the free app gives users access to the complete archive of Doctor Who News stories, dating back to 1997, via the search option on the main news page. The next release, due at the end of the month will allow searches on the reviews page.

As well as updated news, with push alerts for every new news story published, the App includes a complete guide to every Doctor Who story ever broadcast as well as information on the various spin-off series and documentaries based on the show.

The App is available free from the iTunes store.

An add free version of the app is also available for a small charge.

Bookmark and Share The Native Hue of Resolution

7/08/2014 10:54:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

A documentary tracing the reasons why TV programmes were destroyed, and charting the worldwide hunt for Britain’s television past, is looking for funding for release on DVD.

The Native Hue of Resolution was originally screened at the British Film Institute in London last December, documenting the twenty year to find TV programmes missing from the official archives.

Since the 1993 launch of the BFI initiative to find missing TV programmes, much progress has been made, however thousands of programmes remain missing, believed wiped, including 97 episodes of Doctor Who. The documentary from Farcical Films/Kaleidoscope, made especially for screening at BFI Southbank, traces the real reasons why programmes were destroyed and charts the worldwide hunt for Britain’s television past.

Narrated by Peter Purves, it features contributions from, among others: Alan Bennett, Barry Cryer, Jasper Carrott, Peter Firmin, Paul Fox, Ray Galton, Alan Simpson, Hartley Hare, Terry Jones, Sue Malden, David Nobbs, Pete Murray and Pan’s People. Produced by Kaleidoscope’s Chris Perry, the film also features extensive footage found during production of the documentary, from programmes previously thought lost.

It is now planned to issue the film on DVD and include a disc of extras of previously lost TV material. The project requires some seed funding and a Kickstarter project has been formed to raise money for the venture.

Backers pledging £20 or more will receive wither a copy of the finished project, or an invitation to a launch event for the film in 2015.

Bookmark and Share Doctor Who Comics Day

7/08/2014 03:33:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Titan Comics' Doctor Who series for the 11th DoctorTitan Comics' Doctor Who series for the 10th DoctorTitan Comics have declared 26th July as Doctor Who Comics Day, to celebrate the release of the new range of comics based on the adventures of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor.

July 23 sees the release of the new ongoing series, which Titan hope to make the biggest Doctor Who comics launch in recent times. To celebrate the company is inviting Doctor Who fans and comic readers to join in with the celebrations.

Doctor Who Comics Day will give fans the chance to celebrate everything Doctor Who with signings, events, special variant covers and promotions in stores and at shows in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K. Australia and New Zealand.

Full details will be released next week.

You can follow Titan Comics on Twitter at @ComicsTitan.