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10/21/2014 05:52:00 pm - Reported by Pascal Salzmann

CrossCult-LogoGerman book publisher Cross Cult is planning to release three new Doctor Who books in the coming months:

  • November sees the release of Gareth Roberts's adaption of Shada, based on a script by Douglas Adams. The novel can be pre-ordered on Amazon DE.
  • In December Cross Cult is going to release the children's book Wann ist der Doktor? Ein Wimmelbuch ("When's the Doctor? A search-and-find book"), featuring illustrations by Jorge Santillan. It can also be pre-ordered from Amazon DE.
  • Finally, the publisher announced that they secured the rights for the War Doctor novel Kriegsmaschinen ("Engines of War") by George Mann. It will be released in February 2015 and can already be pre-ordered.

Cross Cult, primarily known for its german translated Star Trek novels, started publishing Doctor Who novels in 2013, when they released the 2nd Doctor novel Rad aus Eis ("The Wheel of Ice") by Stephen Baxter. They went on to publish the 10th Doctor novel Wundersch√∂nes Chaos ("Beautiful Chaos") by Gary Russell, and the anthology 11 Doktoren, 11 Geschichten ("11 Doctors, 11 Stories").

SHADA-HighResolution (Credit: Cross Cult) Kriegsmaschinen (Credit: Wann ist der Doktor (German book)