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8/15/2012 03:39:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

This week sees the release of the latest Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition, which looks in depth at Series Five of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Written and researched by Andrew Pixley, the special explores the making of the final three stories to be broadcast, Sky, The Curse of Clyde Langer, and The Man Who Never Was, plus details on the three stories that would have made up the second half of the series, Meet Mr Smith, The Thirteenth Floor and The Battle for Bannerman Road. In The Untold Tales, Russell T Davies and Phil Ford discuss how the series might have progressed into its sixth season, whilst The Stories That Never Were delves into the outlines and scripts that ultimately were never made. Plus, a previously unpublished interview with Elisabeth Sladen which was conducted back in 1993 for Thirty Years in the TARDIS.

The Sarah Jane Companion
Volume Three

The ultimate guide to the exploits of the Doctor's most enduring companion in her own spin-off series - The Sarah Jane Adventures!
  • Full production guides for the three Series Five SJA stories
  • Details of the storylines for the unmade Series Five adventures
  • Further plots and ideas for the stories that never were
  • The full transcript of a 1993 interview with Elisabeth Sladen
Discover a whole universe of adventure - right here on your doorstep!

Editor Tom Spilsbury also provided a sneak peek into the magazine: "Here's a glimpse inside the new DWM SJA Special - and what would have been the Series Five finale..."