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6/16/2012 09:09:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Big Finish continues its month of special offers this weekend with a celebration of the popular duo Jago and Litefoot; both their first audio appearance in The Companion Chronicles: The Mahogany Murderers and the first complete series of adventures are available at a reduced price between now and 8:00am 18th June.

This is followed by a celebration of The Celestial Toymaker, with the character featuring in The Lost Stories: The Nightmare Fair, The Magic Mousetrap, and The Companion Chronicles: Solitaire; the three stories are available to purchase separately or in a special bundle deal between 6:00pm 17th June and 8:00am 20th June.

Sara Kingdom (as played by Jean Marsh) is the focus of the next offer, with Home Truths, The Drowned World and The Guardian of the Solar System available on offer between 6:00pm 19th June and 8:00am 22nd June.

Finally, Doctor Who: Short Trips volumes one, two, three and four will be on special offer between 6:00pm 25th June and 8:00am 28th June. The series features tales read by William Russell, David Troughton, Katy Manning, Louise Jameson, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred and India Fisher.

Note: All times are cited in BST