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4/29/2012 05:03:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Plaything of Sutekh - Issue One

Plaything of Sutekh is a new A5 Doctor Who fanzine covering all eras of the series with 40 pages and colour covers with artwork throughout. The magazine can be ordered from the website

  • What Did the Sixties Do For Who? – a look at how the Troughton era of Doctor Who reflected the changes facing Britain in the late 60s
  • Franks’s Who – the lasting influence of Frank Bellamy’s Radio Times art on Doctor Who illustration.
  • Secret Who – we re-evaluate a clutch of less popular stories and find there’s more to them than meets the eye: Underworld, The Krotons and The Android Invasion. They're better than you may think!
  • Accidental Art – while Nation and Adams were pulling in opposite directions, Ken Grieve’s innovative approach raised Destiny of the Daleks above the norm.
  • A New Direction? – a look at the evolution of Doctor Who under Steven Moffat
  • DWDVD – recent DVD releases Invasion of the Dinosaurs and The Daemons
  • Return of the King – a look at (or a listen to) Tom Baker’s return as the Doctor in Big Finish audios

Time Leech Charity Edition

Time Leech Charity Edition Featuring the tenth incarnation of the Doctor, Time Leech is a compilation of a three-part web comic originating on the Kasterborous Doctor Who news and reviews website.

This compilation is being released as a non-profit project, with all proceeds being split 50-50 between the annual Children in Need event and the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR), of which David Tennant is patron.

Created by Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova, Justin Abbot and Rick Lundeen, cover art is Martin MacIntosh, with additional credits to Colin Brockhurst and former Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman, who advised on the project.

A 30 page adventure through time and space, the comic strip originated as a project to find a new comic book artist.

Time Leech will be available for £4.99 plus p&p, or £7.99 plus p&p for overseas readers.

The ebook version is available CBR and PDF and can be purchased for 99p. The electronic version is available now from the website; the printed comic will be available to purchase from mid-May 2012.

Well At Least It's Free

Well At Least It's Free
Well At Least It's Free is a book compiling fanzine and website articles by fan writer Tim Worthington.

  • An overview of the sixties historicals
  • A robust defence of The Underwater Menace
  • An epic-length look at The Daleks' Master Plan
  • Thoughts on the Russell T. Davies era.
Also articles on The Tripods, The Box Of Delights, and Barry Letts' adaptation of Pinocchio.

Well At Least It's Free is available in print and eBook form, and you can read more about it at Tim Worthington's blog.


Dave Clipson has sent us his animation featuring a Dalek and a Cyberman transforming into R2-D2 and C-3PO.