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1/20/2012 09:59:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

The BBC/2Entertain have released a couple of clips from Looking for Peter, a feature on the forthcoming The Sensorites DVD out next Monday. The item features presenter Toby Hadoke tracing the life of the largely unknown writer of the story, Peter R. Newman.

In the first clip, Toby meets up with Richard Bignell at Alexandra Palace to discuss potential clues:

Looking for Peter (clip 1), 2Entertain, via YouTube

In the second clip, Toby visits archivist Marcus Hearn to discuss Newman's work with Hammer Films:

Looking For Peter (clip 2), 2Entertain, via YouTube

In other news, Mark Ayres has reported that the 'Revisited' re-release of Sixth Doctor story Vengeance on Varos will also feature a new 5.1 Surround Mix to accompany the original mono soundtrack.

Also, last year's release of Day of the Daleks has been named the Best DVD Exclusive for 2011 in Home Cinema Choice magazine's awards.