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10/24/2011 11:51:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

A roundup of some of the fan productions that have recently been released.

MythMakers 16 - Pseudoscope

The Doctor Who Information Network presents the 20th anniversary issue of its official fiction anthology, Myth Makers.

What happens when events unfold before our eyes that defy our conscious understanding? Is it a dream? An hallucination? An optical illusion? What hidden truths would our subconscious mind perceive? Myth Makers 16: Pseudoscope features stories written around the theme of altered perception. In making sense of these distorted realities, the Doctor, his companions and his enemies make new discoveries about the world outside - and within.

Stories by Short Trips alumni Dale Smith, Richard Salter, David N. Smith, Violet Addison, Stephen Hatcher, J.R. Loflin and Mike Amberry, plus Myth Makers alumni J.F. Keeping and Chris Heffernan.

Artwork by Carolyn Edwards, Rachel Roach, Iain Robertson, Michael Leis, Pat Degan and Denise Rajauski.

The Terrible Zodin #12

The Fall edition of The Terrible Zodin is now available for free download.

This issue we take a look at Doctor Who in the 1970s and pay tribute to Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen. We've Axons and Mandrels galore and the Master pops up too (of course!)

Also this issue we visit the exhibition at the Cartoon Museum, take a look at the Graceless spin-off series and compare A Christmas Carol to Inception. Vincent and the Doctor gets the No! Not the Mind Probe! treatment and we follow up on our recommendations of New Adventure novels. All this plus the usual fun and games and a gorgeous front cover by Marc D. Lewis.

Fish Fingers And Custard #7

The seventh edition of the fanzine is available to buy from the Fish Fingers and Custard website.

Despite our legal battles with Steven Moffat (we're trying to get more mentions of Fish Fingers and Custard in Doctor Who) we have been busy with a new issue of the fanzine.

We can't believed we've reached 7, and neither can you probably.

Issue 7 contains the following:
  • Whooverville Review and interview with convention organiser Steve Hatcher
  • What Does Doctor Who Mean To Kids?
  • Torchwood: Miracle Day
  • I Love Who: Harry Sedgewick previews a chapter of his new Doctor Who book, exclusively for the fanzine
  • 31 Things Less Painful Than Watching Journey's End
And Much More!

Adventures in Time Space and Music #30

Further episodes of Adventures in Time Space and Music can be found via their website, and you also follow them on Facebook.

In this segment we’ll be looking at the music of the Doctor’s composer Dudley Simpson focusing on his work on Series 16, the Key to Time. We will examine his work on Serial 5A – Story 98 – The Ribos Operation, a 4-part story which originally aired between the 2nd of September and the 23rd of September 1978 on BBC One.

This episode aired as a segment on the HOO ON WHO PODCAST on Monday, 13 December, 2010.

The Scarifyers - Magic Circle

The next episode of The Scarifyers is the first to feel the loss of its lead actor Nicholas Courtney; producer Simon Barnard says:
This one brings in David Warner as a new lead character, replacing Nick Courtney. The whole story serves as a kind of farewell to Nick – it’s about what happens to his character, Lionheart, and his friend Stephen Thorne takes an important part. There’s also a documentary about Nick on the end of the CD.

It is due to be released on 1st November, and will available on CD and download from the Cosmic Hobo website.

The Magic Circle
Starring David Warner and Terry Molloy

Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) is finding the business of single-handedly saving Great Britain from the forces of darkness rather taxing.

And Lionheart? Lionheart is missing.

When the only clue to his disappearance seems to lie in a twenty-year-old murder investigation, Dunning turns to the one man who might have the answers: Lionheart’s erstwhile colleague Harry ‘Thumper’ Crow (David Warner).

Harry doesn’t hold with supernaturalism, but over the next few days he’s going to see some very strange things indeed: a string of murdered magicians, a dead music-hall star come back to life, and a pensioner from the depths of hell.

Can Crow and Dunning find Lionheart? A terrible truth awaits, as they unearth the long-buried secrets of THE MAGIC CIRCLE.

This is the sixth adventure of THE SCARIFYERS.

Fight for the Remote

Fight for the Remote is a new comedy series from Fantom Films, starring Andrew Hayden Smith (Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel/Doomsday) and Ayesha Antoine (Midnight). Episode one is available to download for free from the Fantom Films website.

Fighting for the remote are Jon and Alice, a twenty-something couple living together in London. Alice enjoys socialising; Jon hates meeting people. While Alice is climbing her career ladder, Jon is quite content on the bottom rung of his. They are constantly caught in the middle ground between settling for what they have and wanting more, and wondering whether what they have together is worth fighting for.