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9/07/2011 02:56:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Louise Jameson, Pulling Faces, photo Ian Fraser/TLC ProductionsLouise Jameson is to give a special performance of her one-woman show Pulling Faces in Australia next month.

The event is hosted by the Doctor Who Club of Australia as an epilogue to the Whovention 21 Celebration and takes place at the Bankstown Sports Club in Sydney on Wednesday 26th October. As well as the show itself, the actress will also attend a Q&A session, and an additional 'priority' package is available which enables ticket holders to attend an exclusive "meet and greet" with the actress and be able to receive her autograph after the event.

Louise Jameson plays twelve different characters in the course of one hour. You will be guided through a week in television presenter Joanna's life as she does battle with her nipped and tucked nemesis, the evil agent, and her anti-surgery daughter Rachel. An evening of guilty pleasure.

You can find more details of the event from the Doctor Who Club of Australia, and the play itself via Louise Jameson's official website.

(with thanks to Vitas Varnas)