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5/24/2011 07:35:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

One ShowMatt Smith appeared on the The One Show this evening, where he chatted about finding football more nerve-wracking than the BAFTAs, his stunt work in Doctor Who, and of course next week's The Almost People - as much as could be revealed at any rate - during which he also described the Doctor as the "cleverest and vainest man in the world, sadly". The item was accompanied by a previously unseen clip from Saturday's episode.

When asked if he's carrying on in the role, Matt answered he would be for the foreseeable future, and on next season: "I hope so! If not then I'm panicking!". A short Q&A session occured at the end, in which Matt said Day of the Moon was his favourite episode (so far!), the Silence were the scariest monster, and the Silence/Weeping Angels as his favourite (host Matt Baker also commented on how he'd been lambasted by fans for calling the character "Doctor Who" when soliciting for the questions Twitter earlier in the day!).

The programme is available to watch in the UK on the BBC iplayer for the next seven days.

The BBC have now the made the clip available to watch online:

Preview Clip from The One Show, BBC, via BBC Website