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3/26/2011 11:45:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Candy Jar Books are currently having a spring sale, with the price of Kangazang! now reduced. The audio version of the sci-fi tale stars former Doctor Colin Baker, who narrates and performs a number of characters within the story - see our previous article for more details.

Shaun Russell, director of the company, says:
We’ve had fantastic reaction to both the book and CD. However, at Candy Jar we are focusing on new projects including a wartime memoir and children’s book. It is now time to clear the decks, so if you have not purchased the CD yet this maybe your last opportunity to do so.

We also have a handful of Mike Collins prints to give away.

For every Kangazang CD or book sold online, we will give a £1 donation to the Atlantic Dash team. They will be rowing the Atlantic for three months later this year, raising money for three worthwhile causes: Help for Heroes, Breast Cancer Care and The Fire Fighters Charity.

You can find full details about the story and how to buy from the Kangazang! website.