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2/03/2011 07:45:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor WhoThe June Classic DVD release will be Frontios, the Fifth Doctor story first shown in 1984.

The show has been confirmed by Warner Home Video for release in North America on June 14th, with a UK release expected shortly before. The story includes a commentary with actors Peter Davison, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, as well as script editor Eric Saward and special sounds designer Dick Mills.

Also available on June 14th will be the North American release of the first story for the Seventh Doctor, Time and the Rani. The story was released in the UK last September.

2|Entertain have confirmed via their twitter feed, that the classic Third Doctor story, The Daemons, has now been officially commissioned and is in production. It is expected sometime in 2012

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