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1/12/2011 01:15:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who: Finished ProductThe Finished Product.

Issue seven of The Finished Product, the unofficial companion to the Big Finish audio series, is released this week.

This issue looks at the audio adventures of two Doctor Who icons from the seventies, Sarah Jane Smith and Davros.

The issue starts by examining the making of series two of Sarah Jane Smith, with extensive interviews with writer David Bishop and producer/director John Ainsworth, as well as actor Jez Fielder who played Josh, newsreader Shaun Ley, guest actor Nicholas Briggs, plus sound designer and composer Steve Foxon.

The second half of the zine is an in-depth examination of I, Davros, with director and producer Gary Russell, while star Terry Molloy gives his views on the series. Writers Gary Hopkins, James Parsons and Andrew-Stirling Brown, Lance Parkin and Scott Alan Woodard reveal what went into their thought processes when crafting their tales, along with contributions from actors Sean Connolly, Sean Carlsen, Daniel Hogarth, Katarina Olsson, David Bickerstaff, and young Davros himself - Rory Jennings. Cover artist Stuart Manning gives his thoughts on designing the covers, plus Steve Foxon talks about the post-production on the series.

Also, writer Nev Fountain reveals all about the Mervyn Stone Mysteries! for more information and ordering details.

Doctor Who: Blue BoxBlue Box

Issue 3 of Blue Box has now been published.

Articles include
  • Finding Fandom by Jez Strickley
  • Fan Fiction 'The Prison Hiss' by Robin Bell
  • More Films for Who Fans by Ian Wheeler
  • Interview with The Doctor Who Reprint Society
  • For the Love of Who by Grant Bull
  • Target Book Review by David MacGowan
  • Spearhead from Space Revisited by Richard Farrell
  • Doctor Who The Adventure Games Reviewed by Willaim JP Turner

The magazine features a cover by J.F Wilson

Orders by Paypal (Gift) to

£1.50 - UK
£2.50 - Rest of World

Part Two of audio adventure The Chattath Factor is now available to download from Fineline Productions.