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1/11/2011 06:32:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out in the shops on Thursday 13th January) features a new look, with 84 pages dedicated to the world of Doctor Who! The new issue looks ahead to the second series to feature Matt Smith as the Doctor, with both him and co-star Karen Gillan discussing what they think of each other and what's in store for their characters this coming year.

Matt comments on forthcoming monsters in the series:
There are some great monsters coming up in Series Two; Steven Moffat has created the greatest monsters since the Weeping Angels. It might even eclipse the Angels for me...
Karen adds:
I think it’s the scariest one yet, physically and just what it does. They’ve got one thing about them that feels almost undefeatable

Also in this issue:
  • Electric Dreams! DWM talks to the people behind the DVD range – and reveals ALL the Doctor Who DVDs releases coming up in 2011! Will your favourites be among them?
  • Train of Thought! Doctor Who’s Head Writer, Steven Moffat, takes the train with the Doctor, Amy and Rory, and tells DWM of a fantastic journey accompanied by saucy pictures of Karen Gillan – and a very special copy of the script for Episode 7...
  • Ghost of Christmas Past! Toby Haynes, the director of A Christmas Carol, gives DWM an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what was the most Christmassy Doctor Who Christmas Special ever, and reveals the thought processes which went into realising the episode.
  • Initial Success! With just two years to go before Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary, DWM looks back at the actors, writers and stories that helped make it the longest-running and best-loved sci-fi show on television! This issue, DWM reflects on the very first series, which began on Saturday 23 November, 1963...
  • ... By Any Other Name! It’s back! The all-new Time Team of Chris, Emma, Michael and Will get comfy on the sofa and experience an episode of Autons, burping bins and p-p-p-pizza, as they pop on a VHS of the Ninth Doctor’s d├ębut story, ROSE! What will they make of it?
  • There's only one way to find out ...! They’re two of the most fondly remembered Doctors – Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor and Tom Baker’s Fourth. But who was the most influential actor to play Doctor Who? Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon argue the toss as they engage in A Battle Of Wits!
  • Born in the USA! DWM brings together the writer and the star of a brand new audio adventure for 80s companion Peri Brown, as actress Nicola Bryant and writer Nev Fountain interview each other about Peri and the Piscon Paradox.
  • Time after Time! The Third Doctor, Jo and UNIT battle the Daleks and Ogrons in one of the most memorable stories of the 1970s! Take a trip back through time to 1972 as The Fact of Fiction discovers the secrets behind the Day of the Daleks!
  • Tweet, tweet! DWM examines Twitter, the social networking phenomenon that’s taken over the internet, and recommends 40 people every Doctor Who fan should follow...
Plus new comic strip The Screams of Death sees the Doctor and Amy visit nineteenth century Paris and encounter murder in the night, the Watcher returns in a new regular column, Watcha!, and the usual news, reviews and competitions.

This issue comes with three more collectible art cards featuring exclusive DWM cover images.

Doctor Who Magazine have recently uploaded the magazine covers for all of their issues to their newly launched Facebook page, grouped by 1-200, 201-351, and 352 to the present day. As mentioned last time, you can also now find DWM on Twitter (@DWMTweets).