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1/05/2011 11:33:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Filming for the Matthew Graham-penned episodes five+six returned to Cardiff Castle today, where three of its guest stars were spotted on-site in the story being directed by Julian Simpson.

As previously reported, Sarah Smart is playing a character named Jennifer Lucas. Her recent on-screen credits include Wallander (Anne-Britt Hoglund), Casualty 1906/1907/1909 (Ada Russell), and Five Days (Sarah Wheeler). [Smart's entry at Conway - Van Gelder - Grant Voices]

Leon Vickers is a new actor, having just graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. His television credits include Garrow's Law (John Davis) and Being Victor (Carl Sutton), and is believed to be playing a character named 'Clone Worker' in Doctor Who. [Vickers's entry at Amanda Howard Associates].

Mark Bonnar's credits include timey-wimey series Paradox (D.S. Ben Holt), and recurring roles in Casualty (Bruno Jenkins) and The Bill (Ray Moore). His role in Doctor Who is currently unknown. [Bonnar's entry at Hatton McEwan]

Filming for this block is drawing to a close, with Matthew Graham tweeting: "My DW 2-parter finishes shooting end of this week. They will be glad to come in out of the perishing cold. Poor dears."