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11/18/2010 11:14:00 pm - Reported by Harry Ward

SFX have published details of their forthcoming special edition magazine which is devoted to Doctor Who. Doctor Who: A Celebration is a 132 pages of "all things Doctor Who". The last time the magazine produced a special for the show was in October 2008.

This issue contains:

A bumper-sized feature which runs down just a few of the gazillion reasons why we adore this series with a passion bordering on insanity. And if you’re thinking this’ll be some dreary roll call of the bleedin’ obvious, think again…

Series five costume designer Ray Holman talks us through some of his work, with drawings for the likes of the Eleventh Doctor and a Silurian warrior, and a smattering of behind-the-scenes photos.

A trio of opinion pieces penned by a triumvirate of SF & fantasy titans. Discworld overlord Sir Terry Pratchett, Elric creator Michael Moorcock and hard SF boffin Stephen Baxter share their memories of Who, and try to put their finger on the series’ ineffable magic.

Visual effects experts Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker are in a unique position to discuss Who’s effects, having worked on both the classic series and the new show. Their candid discussion of the challenges they faced is accompanied by lashings of behind-the-scenes images (including some fascinating sketches for the original Davros).

Sadly, 108 instalments of the classic series are missing, presumed lost forever, thanks to BBC’s junking policy of the ’60s and ’70s. Richard Molesworth, author of new book Wiped! Doctor Who’s Missing Episodes, tells the full story of how so many episodes came to be destroyed – and how many were later recovered.

And much more.

Free gifts include a fabric Bow Tie and two slogan badges.

SFX Collection: Doctor Who – A Celebration
is on sale from 30 November.