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11/22/2010 01:47:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Sarah Jane Adventures continues its strong run on the digital Children's channel CBBC with final figures for the fifth story, Lost in Time, showing the series at the top of the weekly charts.

According to BARB, part one of the story had 0.98 million watching with part two getting 0.68 million viewers, slightly down on the previous week.

The Alien Files had 0.48 million watching.

Lost in Time was repeated later in the week on BBC One and figures for these showings will be available later this month.

Final Ratings - Series Four
- -CBBC--BBC Two--BBC One--Total-
The Nightmare Man - 1 0.59m0.28m0.87m
The Nightmare Man - 2 0.67m0.38m1.05m
The Vault of Secrets - 1 0.73m0.43m1.16m
The Vault of Secrets - 2 0.61m0.49m1.10m
Death of the Doctor - 1 0.92m0.48m1.40m
Death of the Doctor - 2 0.96m0.47m1.43m
The Empty Planet - 1 0.99m0.51m1.50m
The Empty Planet - 2 0.81m0.58m1.39m
Lost in Time - 1 0.98mTBCTBC
Lost in Time - 2 0.68mTBCTBC