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10/01/2010 04:54:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Radio 4 documentary, Shelved, looking at how the political circumstances of the late 1970s resulted in the cancellation of the Fourth Doctor story, Shada, is repeated on Friday 8th October at 23.30 UK Time and will be available worldwide on the BBC iPlayer.

Toby Hadoke's satirical journey as a Doctor Who obsessive, Moths Ate My Dr Who Scarf, is now in the BBC iPlayer until next Wednesday.

Doctor Who composer Murray Gold has written a foreword for a new book Soundtrack Nation which contains interviews with representatives from the art and business sides of movie and television soundtracks.

A sketch featuring Doctor Who appeared on US Television in The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and can be seen on YouTube.

Freelance designer Kyle Lambert has been working with IDW on an idea to publish a Doctor Who comic book cover drawn on an iPad using a finger. Although the project is unlikely to go ahead a video showing how they were made has been posted by Lambert on YouTube.