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7/15/2010 01:13:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello has published details on some of the main characters that will appear in the new series of Torchwood:
I’ve gathered on the new season (airing on my new favorite cable network, Starz), the show is out to cast a new series regular — Rex Matheson, a wickedly funny (operative word: wicked) CIA agent born to make waves. Almost as key to the new season are recurring characters Esther Katusi, a CIA grunt in her early 20s who learns what she’s really made of only when she’s forced to, and Oswald Jones, a convicted murderer and pedophile who will be as shocked as anyone to learn how easily infamy and fame can be exchanged for one another.
A variant of the news also appeared in TV Guide:
And Starz's new season of Torchwood is shaping up with the search for one series regular and two supporting roles. Rex Matheson is a white, twenty-something CIA agent who sounds sort of like FX's animated Archer spy: a fearless, cocky thrill seeker. Recurring characters include Esther Katusi, a newbie Watch Analyst in the CIA who is deeply (and secretly) in love with Rex. And Oswald Jones is the dangerous psychotic villain. He's a forty-something murderer and pedophile who gets sprung from the slammer into the spotlight. Rex — catch this sicko!
John Barrowman - who is currently promoting his new series of Tonight's The Night - has reported that filming for the series will commence in January 2011. The series is expected to broadcast during that summer both in the UK and the US.