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6/04/2010 10:51:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

A new Doctor Who fanzine has been published in the UK and is now available to order.

Published by Grant Bull, issue 1 includes an interview with David J Howe conducted by Grant Bull and an in-depth interview with Paul Cornell conducted by Gareth Kavanagh.

Also in the fanzine
  • Towering Ambitions by Jez Strickley
  • Writing to the Doctor by Ian Wheeler
  • Playing Games by David Mac
  • Finding Light in a Dark Place by Bob Furnell
  • Doctor Who – A Loving Obsession by Grant Bull
  • Looking Back: Death to the Daleks by Richard Farrell

There is art throughout and the beginnings of a comic strip by Ellis Hampton and Erin. All wrapped in a cover by Draculasaurus.

The Fanzine costs £1.50 in the UK and £2.50 worldwide. Paypal orders to or email for more details on the same address.