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5/19/2010 02:42:00 am - Reported by Marcus

2 entertain have published pictures taken at the recording session for the commentary track on the forthcoming release of The Dominators. Two pictures have been published on the classicdw twitter account, the first featuring Wendy Padbury who played Zoe, Giles Block who played Teel, Sylvia James who did the make up for the story and Toby Hadoke who moderated. The second features Wendy Padbury who played Zoe, Frazer Hines who played Jamie, Arthur Cox who played Cully and Toby Hadoke who moderated, along with Commentary Producer John Kelly.
The Dominators is due for release in the UK on 12 July.

Tom Baker has confirmed he has now recorded the commentary track for the 2011 release of The Seeds of Doom, along with John Challis who played Scorby in the story and Philip Hinchcliffe who was producer at the time.

Also on the twitter account it has been confirmed that a tribute to former producer Barry Letts is being prepared for release on a future DVD. Tom Baker and Nicholas Courtney will both contribute to the documentary.