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4/27/2010 01:47:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Victory of the DalekFinal figures for Victory of the Daleks published today by BARB show the story was watched by 7.82 million viewers.

The total is over 1.5 million higher than the initial overnight reported figure.

The programme was the fourth highest on BBC One and the eleventh highest on all British television for the week. An additional 0.381 million watched on BBC HD, however as this week's episode was not simulcast with the BBC One showing, the figures are not added onto the final total. Even if they were the programme would still be eleventh in the chart.

This is the first time the programme has dropped out of the top ten since the series four story, Silence in the Library, which was 27th. Since then the number of iplayer requests for the programme have dramatically increased.

The BBC Three Sunday repeat did not appear in the top ten for the week for that channel.