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3/05/2010 06:33:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

BBC Worldwide have announced that they now fully own DVD distributor 2|entertain, the company closely associated with the release of Doctor Who DVDs over the last six years. The fate of the company has been uncertain since BBC Worldwide's partner Woolworth went into administration back in 2008.

John Smith, CEO, BBC Worldwide, said:
I am pleased that we have finally concluded these negotiations, and have secured the future of 2|entertain. This comes as good news for a variety of stakeholders. 2|entertain's retail partners know it is now backed by a stable owner. Consumers can continue to enjoy BBC content on DVD in their own homes. The independent production sector already works closely with 2|entertain. And licence fee payers will continue to benefit from 2|entertain's contribution to BBC Worldwide, which helped us return a total of £153m to the BBC in the last financial year.
Paul Dempsey, CEO of 2|entertain and Managing Director, BBC Worldwide Home Entertainment, added:
The 2|entertain business has not been distracted by the events of the past 18 months, continuing to deliver impressive results. Under full BBC Worldwide ownership, it now looks forward to a more settled period and playing an important role in BBC Worldwide’s future plans.