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2/15/2010 09:57:00 am - Reported by Adam Kirk

Part One of The End of Time has debuted in Australia to respectable ratings. The special averaged 799,000 in the five major capital cities, facing stiff competition from the commercial networks, including a one-day international cricket match.

Meanwhile, David Tennant's final appearances as the Doctor has attracted some local media attention. Carolyn Stewart of the TV Week spoke to Tennant about his departure after four years, who expresses his excitement for his successor Matt Smith, saying that 'it'll be fantastic to see what he does with the role. He's a great actor and is full of ambition for the show. He's hungry for it and I'll think he'll be terrific.' Meanwhile Kerrie Murphy of The Weekend Australian writes of 'The End of Time' that while it is 'dense for those not schooled in Who mythology...once it gets going, it mixes the silly humour with adventure and an emotional undercurrent.' Erin McWhirter of the Herald-Sun also comments of the special that it is 'visually appealing and well scripted' but Conrad Walters of the Sydney Morning Herald is less kind writing that 'aside from a few lovely touches...the story is weaker than loyal viewers have a right to expect.'