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1/15/2011 10:54:00 am - Reported by Anthony Weight

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine contains the news that the popular publication is to gain a North American spin-off title from April. Produced in the UK by Panini, as the original magazine is, Doctor Who Unlimited will apparently not be a versioned edition of DWM, but will be a separate publication in its own right, containing "100% new material".

Unlimited will be edited by John Ainsworth, who has contributed various features to DWM in the past, and has recently been credited as the magazine's "Editorial Assistant". He explained to DWM that "Doctor Who Unlimited will have slightly more of a focus on the fictional side of Doctor Who and will also be giving regular coverage to the fans themselves."

The first issue of the 44-page magazine will be available on newsstands in the US and Canada from the 7th of April. There is currently no information as to whether readers outside of North America will be able to order copies.