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12/23/2009 12:12:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Waters of MarsThe Waters of Mars helped BBC America achieve its highest ever rating last Saturday.

In total over 1.1 million watched the three showings of the Doctor Who special on the channel giving it its highest ever prime time rating and making it 13th highest amongst advertising supported cable networks for ages 25-35.

Richard De Croce, Senior Vice President Programming, BBC AMERICA said
"The final specials starring David Tennant have opened the door for new audiences to this iconic series while taking longtime fans on an incredible journey, Tennant’s remaining two specials, The End of Time, Part One and Part Two, are the most anticipated episodes in the history of the series – which is why we’re airing them just a day after their UK premiere."

The End of Time airs on BBC America over the next two Saturdays, with Part One at 9pm ET on the 26th followed by Part Two at 8.30 ET on 2nd January.  To mark the importance of the programme to the channel, Doctor Who has taken over the front page of the BBC America website, with video clips and images from the specials.

BBC America has already confirmed that Series One, Matt Smith's first series as the Doctor will air on the channel in the Spring. Previous series have aired first on the Sci-Fi channel, where they got ratings of around 1.5 million.