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7/16/2009 04:00:00 am - Reported by Anthony Weight

Steven Moffat
As part of an ongoing debate over the past few days concerning the state of BBC television drama, sparked by comments made by legendary television producer Tony Garnett, the BBC has passed onto The Guardian newspaper's website several comments made by writers currently working for the corporation about their experiences.

One of those quoted is Doctor Who's chief writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, who says that:

Totalitarian? The BBC? Seriously? The other day I had to BEG a meeting with [BBC1 controller] Jay Hunt, just so I could explain what we're spending all her money on in Doctor Who. She said it all sounded very nice and sent me off to play.

That's more than creative freedom, that's being turned loose in the wild. Frankly, I'm scared and want someone to tell me what to do. I might even have an epiphany