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2/03/2009 10:59:00 pm - Reported by R Alan Siler

Forbidden Planet International has released details about a new wave of Classic Series figures.

This series includes two versions of the First and Second Doctors (one in colour and one in black and white), and a version of the Sixth Doctor in his all-blue costume from BBCi's webcast Real Time.

These figures are available now for pre-order and will be released in late July.

Get more product information here

UPDATED The figures mentioned are actually exclusive figures from Underground Toys at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

The First and Second Doctor 2-packs and the Sixth Doctor figures are Underground Toys exclusives and Forbidden Toys is the exclusive retailer for them in the UK.

Toy collectors in the US will be able to get these figures at San Diego and shortly afterward at select retailers that carry the Doctor Who toy line. Customers should be able to preorder these figures from their regular retailer and online stores shortly.