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9/29/2008 03:29:00 am - Reported by Adam Kirk

Series four of Doctor Who has finished its Australian run with impressive ratings. The Stolen Earth averaged 1,156,000 viewers in the five major capital cities, while Journey's End rated even more with 1,207,000. This episode was the Time Lord's best Aussie ratings since the record 1.248 million for 'Voyage of the Damned', even beating Channel Ten's high-rating 'Australian Idol'. The series finale was also the top-rating program of the day on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the top rating drama of the day on all channels and fourth overall for the day. TheConfidential Cutdown version of 'Friends and Foe' also had the programme's best Australian ratings ever with 1,015,000 viewers. 'End of an Era' at the later time of 10.45pm also scored a respectable 223,000 viewers. Sunday night has proved a ratings triumph for Doctor Who and the ABC, series four averaging 1.1 million as compared to an average of 850,000 on Saturday nights for series three. Media commentator Glenn Dyer of Crikey predicts that the ABC will lose 'half a million viewers' on Sunday nights with the end of 'Doctor Who.'

Meanwhile, in the local media, Michael Idato of The Sydney Morning Herald praises 'Journey's End' writing it 'has the rare power to move you to tears, especially as the sinister Dalek Caan's prophecy - that the "most faithful" of the Doctor's companions will die - comes true in an unexpected and heartbreaking fashion'. CitySearch in its preview of the same episode also writes 'it's Catherine Tate as Donna who really shines. Like the show itself, she has moments of humour, depth, brilliance, drama and heartbreak.' Meanwhile The Canberra Times in its preview of the same episode writes that 'an astounding 45 years after its debut, this classic series is still a force to be reckoned with.' Ian Cuthbertson of The Weekend Australia writes that 'the faithful will be rewarded handsomely in this spectacular finale...Led by Davros and a mad Dalek who looks like a plate of calamai with a dog's eye in the middle, the old villains allow writer Russell T. Davies to delight in references to 'Doctor Who' and other sci-fi shows. "Resistance is useless," a Dalek shrieks. The Earth moves, literally; the universe is on the brink of extinction; and the Daleks soar through the skies of Germany, sounding very much at home in that language, "Exterminieren! Exterminieren!" OK, they made that up, but "Ausrotten, ausrotten!" wouldn't have been funny.' Catherine Deveny of The Age, also gives 'Journey's End' her 'pick of the day.'

Meanwhile, TV blog TV Tonight reports that The Sarah Jane Adventures will make its Australian debut onNickelodeon Australia on Friday October 31 2008 at 7pm.

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