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4/28/2008 06:55:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

This week's Radio Times features an interview with Freema Agyeman who, last week, returned to Doctor Who in the role of Martha Jones, now a fully fledged member of UNIT. Has joining the Unified Intelligence Taskforce toughened her up? "It's affected her definitely" says Agyeman, "but she's still the same Martha underneath. She still wants to help and heal people,"

And who thought sparks would fly between Martha and Donna (Catherine Tate). "Too obvious!" laughs Agyeman. "Everyone was expecting that, so it's brilliant to have wrong-footed them." What about the Sontarans? Was she able to keep a straight face opposite them? "Tiny little warriors who look like potatoes, Well, they look cute, but they’re totally obsessed with war and bloodlust and death and honour. I think they're suffering a bit from small-man syndrome."

The Radio Times Website also contains a couple of articles related to the return of UNIT, including an interview with the Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney.