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3/09/2008 12:57:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The BBC has confirmed that the 1978 Tom Baker story The Invasion of Time is due for release in the UK on 5th May 2008. The release is being timed to coincide with the appearance of the Sontarans in Series Four. Extras on the disc include a commentary with actors Louise Jameson andJohn Leeson, the script editor Anthony Read and visual effects designer Matt Irvine.

As previously announced a number of documentaries are included. Out of Time is a look at the making of the story, The Changing face of Gallifrey, asks how the portrayal of the Time Lords has changed over the years, The Elusive David Agnew investigates the mysterious writer of the story andDeleted Scenes has previously cut scenes from the film inserts in Episodes five and six.

May will also see the release of a box set entitled Bred for War. This will include the new release of The Invasion of Time along with the previously released Sontaran stories, The Time WarriorThe Sontaran Experiment and The Two Doctors. The box set will contain no additional extras.

As previously announced the release date of the Peter Davison story, Black Orchid, will be the 14th April 2008. The Restoration Team website now has an article on this story. It confirms the commentary team of Peter Davison,Janet FieldingSarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse.

Stories in preparation but unscheduled include The Brain of Morbius and The Trial of a TimeLord as well as a double issue entitled K9 Tales, comprising of the 1977 story The Invisible Enemy and the 1981 special K-9 and Company.