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2/03/2008 11:07:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

A few Torchwood items and a number of slightly offbeat entries this time.


The Star-Ledger (New Jersey) reviews Torchwood's "Sleeper".

UK SF Book News has a feature on the Torchwood comic in Titan Magazine's Torchwood Magazine.

And the Daily Record briefly reviews John Barrowman's autobiography "Anything Goes".

Odd Who News

Philip Glenister tells the Western Mail that he watches The Sarah Jane Adventures, though he doesn't quite remember the program's name correctly:
Today, his favourite TV includes unexpected fare such as The Sarah Jane Mysteries -- but that’s because of his two young daughters by his actress wife Beth Goddard; the family lives in East Sheen, Surrey, where fame hasn’t gone to his head, and where he enjoys a "normal suburban existence".

"Yes, The Sarah Jane Mysteries, it’s one of those series you think might not work -- it's an off-shoot of Doctor Who -- but my girls adore it," he says. "The girls are just getting into Doctor Who now. We never let them watch it before, because we thought they’d wake up with nightmares."
Recent issues of two American magazines aimed at "fan culture" highlight Doctor Who and Torchwood actresses. Geek Monthly puts the return of Billie Piper to Doctor Who at #7 in its "Son of the BIG List: Our yearly roundup of Stuff That Rules", and has an interview with Eve Myles. And Wizard listsFreema Agyeman at #16 in its list of the "Sexiest Women of TV".

Wales on Sunday quotes Coleen McLoughlin, the girlfriend of English football (soccer) player Wayne Rooney, as saying that she'd love to be the next Doctor Who companion.

And io9 pronounces that Kroll, the giant octopus from the 1978 Doctor Who story The Power of Kroll, is the tallest of all giant monsters, looking down on puny creatures like Godzilla and the monster from Cloverfield.

(Thanks to Larry Carter, and to "PolyG" and "Alia" of the Doctor Who Forum.)