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2/13/2008 10:50:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Our friends at TV Shows on DVD have acquired cover illustrations for the North America (US/Canada) release of theBeneath the Surface Boxed Seton DVD, due on June 3. Below are the individual covers for "The Silurans," "The Sea Devils" and "Warriors of the Deep", the three releases in the boxed set; larger covers will be made available when we get them. Click on each for a larger version. Says TVShowsonDVD, "Costs are confirmed to be $34.98 SRP for the 2-DVD release of Doctor Who - Story #052: Doctor Who And The Silurians (CA$43.98 SRP in Canada); the single-disc releases of Doctor Who - Story #062: The Sea Devils and Doctor Who - Story #131: Warriors of the Deep will be $24.98 SRP each (CA$30.98 SRP each in Canada); and the 4-DVD box set of Doctor Who - Beneath The Surface will be $59.98 SRP (CA$74.98 SRP in Canada)."