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1/23/2008 12:50:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

Doctor Who

On Monday, The Times published a cartoon by Morten Morland portraying Hillary Clinton as a Dalek, with Bill Clinton pushing her up a flight of stairs as she tells him, "Expiate!" It's odd that cartoonists still assume that Daleks have trouble with stairs, nearly 20 years after they were first shown levitating up them.

Sir Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust, visited Cardiff on Tuesday to celebrate the success of Doctor Who and Torchwood, and to promise continued investment in BBC Wales programming.BBC News has the story.

Readers of the Guardian's Organ Grinder blog have voted Doctor Who as their favorite TV show of 2007. This is the third year in a row Doctor Who has won the Organ Grinder poll.

Scottish novelist and comedian A. L. Kennedy, whose novel Day won the prestigious Costa Book of the Year award on Tuesday, told The Scotsman that she'd love to write a Doctor Who episode: "She's entirely serious about this, having been a fan of the series ever since she was four. 'I write asking them every six months, and I get increasingly high-ranking reject letters, each time explaining there's nothing they can do, and it's all down to [series writer] Russell T Davies.' "

The Daily Star's story about guest appearances in Series Four has been picked up by several sources, including The Press and Journal of Aberdeen and the Evening Post of Nottingham.

The Paisley Daily Express has a story about David Tennant's work as a celebrity patron for the Scottish-basedAssociation for International Cancer Research.

And Australia's New Idea magazine claims that Kylie Minogue is "putting the final touches on a deal" to return to Doctor Who as a series regular.


The TV Today blog at The Stage previews Wednesday's new episode of Torchwood, "Sleeper", saying that the series as a whole is "massively improved" and that "Sleeper is "sensitively, quietly told" but [feels] "the need to throw blood around with gay abandon."

The Western Mail lists Eve Myles in the "Championship" category of their "Fantasy Fame League" of Welsh celebrity -- the same level as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlotte ChurchGareth David-Lloyd is in "League One", the next level down.

TV GuideThe Boston GlobeThe Star of Toronto, The Province of Vancouver, iF MagazineMSN TV andMonsters and Critics all review the Torchwood Season 1 DVD set, which was released in North America on Tuesday.

The Boston Phoenix and the City Weekly of Salt Lake City preview "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" for their readers (Torchwood's second season debuts on BBC America on Saturday, January 26). Many news sources, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Arizona Republic and the CBC carry anAssociated Press article about the season. And the Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas) recommends Torchwood to viewers hungry for heroic characters during the writers' strike.

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