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1/18/2008 12:54:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

Posted By John Bowman


John Barrowman will be returning to the National Theatre on Monday, February 11 at 6pm for a 45-minute talk about his career. He will then sign his autobiography Anything Goes. Barrowman played Dumaine in Love's Labour's Lost and Billy Crocker in Anything Goes at the National.

Barrowman also has autobiography signings scheduled across England and Wales in January and February. OnThursday, January 24 he will be at theBirmingham branch of Waterstone's from 11am; on Tuesday, February 12 he will appear at Costco in Watford from 1pm. He will be signing at theBrighton branch of British Bookshops and Stationers on Wednesday, February 13 between 1pm and 2.30pm. On Thursday, February 14 Barrowman will be signing at the Waterstone's in Bluewater, Kent, from 5.30pm (the Kent News has coverage of this appearance). OnFriday, February 15 he will be signing at the Borders in Oxford from 5.30pm (noted in The Oxford Mail). OnSaturday, February 16 Barrowman will appear at the Borders inCardiff at 1pm. More details can be found onBarrowman's website.

Anneke Wills, who played companion Polly in the classic series, will be at the Who Blackpool TV memorabilia and toy store in Victoria Street onSaturday, January 26 from 11am for autographs and photos. A week later, on February 2, actor Eric Potts, who played Oliver Charles in Aliens of London, will be there for a similar session, again from 11am.


tvshowsondvd.com reports an announcement by HBO Video that it will be releasing the Extras Christmas Special, which includes David Tennant in a spoof scene from Doctor Who, as an individual Region 1 disc on February 26.


Voyage of the Damned was the most frequently streamed programme via the BBC iPlayer between Christmas Day and January 7, says the BBC Press Office. The Extras Christmas Special, with the previously mentioned brief Doctor Who spoof scene, was second favourite. More than 3.5 million programmes were streamed or downloaded by more than one million visitors to the site. Doctor Who's download success was mentioned by many UK news sources, including BBC NewsThe GuardianReutersScreen Digest and ZDNet. The story was also reported Down Under bynews.com.au.


The new edition of SFX - number 167 - includes a seven-page feature on Torchwood. The magazine went on set during the filming of episode nine of Series Two. The piece includes interview quotes from Chris ChibnallRichard Stokes,John Barrowman and Eve Myles, plus some exclusive on-set photography taken on the day.

In the feature, Barrowman says: "The writers have found where we lie. The analogy I use is that last year we were walking, finding our feet. This year we're running. The stories still have the content we had last year, but they're just maybe a little more focused, more particular.

"Last year there were individual stories that had their own beginning and end. This year there's a throughline through it all, 'cos at the end there's a huge reveal and a big cliffhanger."

Meanwhile, celebrity magazine Ikonz carries a lengthy interview with Eve Myles in which the Torchwood star reveals that the word "famous" makes her "want to be sick".

She tells Adam Yosef: "I'm completely not into celebrity and not into doing things for the sake of being famous.

"I mean, the word 'famous' makes me want to be sick to be honest with you. I can't wait to go back to theatre, I can't wait to be back in the West End. I can't wait to go back with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

"Those things really excite me. Also, getting some really good parts, that excites me. But the whole razzle dazzle, if it came about well great but it's not a path I'll be going after."

She adds: "I'm due to go out to LA next year to have some meetings. I will enjoy it, if something comes of it, wonderful but if it doesn't I haven't lost anything."

Finally, the Liverpool Daily Post has a report and video on a company making Tardis sheds.

(Thanks to Jerome Morrow, Alex Frazer-Harrison, and forum members "drwho" and "Minister of Sense".)