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1/01/2008 01:25:00 pm - Reported by Anthony Weight

January 1, 2008 • Posted By Paul Hayes
The audio commentary for Voyage of the Damned, available to stream from the official BBC Doctor Who website, has revealed some items of news relating to the future production of the series and media related to it. The commentary features executive producers Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner and producer Phil Collinson.

During the course of the discussion, Collinson reveals that he will not be producing the special episodes of Doctor Who that will be made for transmission in 2009. Whether he is leaving the series entirely or not is unclear, but this is the implication given.

In addition, Russell T Davies reveals that he is writing a book detailing his work on the series, to be published in time for next Christmas. The as-yet-untitled volume is a collaboration with Doctor Who Magazine reporter Benjamin Cook. No other details are currently known.