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11/08/2007 05:41:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

November 8, 2007 • Posted By Chuck Foster
The comedy drama Learners will be broadcast on BBC1 this coming Sunday (11th) at 9:00pm, and stars Jessica Hynes (Joan from Human Nature/Family of Blood), David Tennant (Who?!) and Shaun Dingwall(Rose's father Pete Tyler).

Promotion for the programme is gearing up, with Hynes (who also wrote the drama) having appeared on today's Breakfast (BBC1). As well as discussion of the new drama, it was inevitable that conversation would turn to her appearance with Tennant in Doctor Who last season! "It's a real treat being part of that 'gang'; it's a real institution, Doctor Who, and I particularly love David as Doctor Who, and Russell T Davies's interpretation of Doctor Who. It's fantastic, it's the best thing on television; to be part of it, and to be able to play a real role as well, is a gift."

Tomorrow will see David Tennant himself appearing on ITV1's Entertainment Today (from around 8:35am - possibly on GMTV beforehand too).

You can read more about Learners from the BBC Press releases from April and July. The BBC have also posted anofficial YouTube clip to promote the programme.