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9/20/2007 04:36:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The official website has confirmed the release of the 1979 Tom Baker story Destiny of the Daleks.

Extras on the disc include a commentary from Lalla Ward, David Gooderson and director Ken Grieve and a documentary about Dalek creator Terry Nation.

This Disc will be released on 26 November. The story will also form part of a special Davros boxset.

The final extra on the disk is a trail for a forthcoming DVD boxset release of Doctor Who and the Silurians,The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep.

Meanwhile in November, BBC Children's DVD release the animated story The Infinite Quest. The story was first shown as part of the Totally Doctor Who series. It is released on 5th November 2007.

On the same day The Complete Series 3 Box Set will be released. The box set comes in three versions, a general trade one, and editions with special covers exclusive to Amazon and Woolworths.