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9/08/2007 04:44:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

September 8, 2007 • Posted By Brigadier Bill
Reviewer Kathy Huddleston of SCI-FI WEEKLY grades the first episode of Torchwood and gives it an A.

She writes "From Russell T. Davies comes a new series that explores the Earth-bound underbelly of the Doctor Who universe. The American premiere of Torchwood on BBC America offers up an exciting and dark series that goes places where Doctor Who can't."

She goes on to compliment the "grown up" version of Doctor Who and praises the uniqueness of Captain Jack. "The Web site promises Torchwood is a cross between The X-Files and Angel. That's true, but there's also enough Doctor Who in the mix to make us feel at home. Beyond that, we have Capt. Jack, the first bisexual character to lead a sci-fi series. Now that's what I call a new frontier."