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9/05/2007 04:46:00 pm - Reported by Adam Kirk

September 5, 2007 • Posted By Adam Kirk
Perth Now has reported on the 'outrage' of local Torchwood fans at Channel Ten's decision to move the show to a midnight timeslot. A 'publicist' for Channel Ten is quoted as saying: 'Although 'Torchwood' launched to an impressive number it was not able to sustain ratings up against particularly tough competition. We thank loyal fans for their support and we will play out the series, albeit on Tuesday's late night.'

Meanwhile, Judy Adamson of the Sydney Morning Herald writes, in a review of 'Blink', that 'the monsters are not only fabulously inventive, they're uncomfortably scary.' The Melbourne Herald-Sun also writes of the 'downright scary' statues in 'Blink', describing it 'the best episode of the series so far' and gives it four stars.Greg Hassall, also of the Sydney Morning Herald, gives 'Utopia' a thumbs up, writing that 'it's a great episode, with plenty of wickedly barbed dialogue between Harkness, Martha and the Doctor. The pay-off comes at the end, setting up a stellar conclusion to the season.'

Finally, in the ratings, Doctor Who has risen again: 'The Family of Blood' scored 865,000 viewers in the 5 major capitals, while 'Blink' was also the ABC's top rating Saturday programme, scoring 873,000 viewers. Meanwhile, Torchwood'sratings have remained steady in the Tuesday midnight timeslot on 'Channel Ten'. 'Combat' received 147,000 viewers while 'Captain Jack Harkness' received 151,000 viewers. For more ratings details see the Sydney Morning Herald’s Tribal Mind.

Thanks to Kamelian for the 'Perth Now' story.